Hernán Torres responded to Javier Hernández about indiscipline

Upset. This is how the coach of the Sports Tolima, Hernan Torres Oliverosafter hearing the complaints made by the journalist from ‘Blu Radio’ and ‘Gol Caracol’, Javier Hernandez Bonnet, about the fact that cases of indiscipline were being registered in the ‘Vinotinto y Oro’; just when he is going through his worst moment of the last five years, with a high risk of being eliminated from the BetPlay League 2 2022.

At the press conference prior to this Saturday’s clash (6:10 pm) against Cortuluáfor the tenth date of the tournament of the second semester, the counselor responded emphatically to the communicator, who said last Monday, in space ‘Sport blog’, have reliable evidence of serious events that would be happening in the concentrations of the team. With which he closed this controversial topic.

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“To say that you must have evidence. Without tests, how does one execute things. Reliable sources, just as they tell that, they must also tell what we do in the discipline. Since last year the ‘drunk meter’ has been implemented every day. They weigh and blow. And the results have all been negative.expressed the strategist from Ibaguer in the meeting with the local media.

This is how the ‘drunk meter’ works in the Tolima

As revealed by Torres, every day, before starting the day, the respective control is made. And the results are sent immediately, via Whatsapp, to the president ofClub: Cesar Camargo Serrano, who so far has not had any complaints with the control process carried out by the technical and medical staff. The leader had also stated this to the radio media in recent days.

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“That has been implemented since last year when Senator Gabriel Camargo was here. It started from June of last year, he brought us the pistol from the United States and it is done every day, whether they like it or not ”, said the counselor, who is reputed to be one of the strictest currently in the FPC. Which has cost him some enmities.

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And he denied that there are consented on campus, that they are not subjected to this examination. “I have heard that there are preferences with some players, with others not, but everyone who is here knows what I am like. They have criticized me because I am very drastic in the discipline, and I do not negotiate the discipline [sic]let it be very clear“, Torres Oliveros stated on this matter.

And he sent a message to all those who think he is permissive. “Here in Colombia they have branded me that I am very disciplined, that I exceed myself, but I do not negotiate discipline, let that be very clear. And it’s a sensitive issue, because if you talk about so-and-so, I want proof. And with the technology we have, it is very easy to have proof of that.”Torres remarked.

Because for him, for this type of information you have to see how serious the source is. “In this moment that we are living, it lends itself to many things. First, that I was killing the players, that’s why we had so many injured, and now that they are drunk “pointed out these remarks, about which Hernández did not mention names, but he did leave the controversy.

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Despite the technician’s pronouncement, in social networks there are fans who remain skeptical about the subject. And that they even claim to be witnesses to the visits of some players to night establishments in Ibagué. That yes, of such accusations still do not appear images or videos that allow to conclude responsibilities on presumed protagonists of these behaviors against the group.

These are the statements of Hernán Torres Oliveros on the situation of Deportes Tolima in disciplinary matters:

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