Herne: Man jumps into canal behind dog and drowns

The fire department has recovered a dead person from the Rhine-Herne Canal. According to the police, it is a walker who had a fatal accident.

The Herne fire brigade had a lifeless man on Saturday evening from the Rhine-Herne Canal salvaged. The resuscitation had to be canceled after a while, the fire brigade announced. According to the police, the dead person is a walker who had a fatal accident.

“Everything currently indicates that the Man’s dog jumped into the water is “, says police spokesman Frank Lemanis when asked by WAZ. “The man then jumped behind. ”The police did not provide any further information about the man on Sunday.

That happened: at 9:20 p.m. the control center was the Herne fire department a missing person reported in the Rhine-Herne Canal. Emergency services from the professional fire brigade and the diving team of the Gelsenkirchen fire brigade were alerted immediately. Due to the falling darkness, THW forces were also alerted.

Police helicopter search

Since it was not clear where the wanted person disappeared, the emergency services had to search the area extensively, according to the fire brigade. Witnesses eventually led them to where the person was last seen. While divers searched the canal, they were assisted by a police helicopter from the air. This finally discovered the person in the water.

Forces of the diving squadron and water rescuers saved them from the canal. On the bank, the rescue service immediately started resuscitation. According to the fire brigade, this had to be canceled unsuccessfully after a while. Several people who had observed the incident were reported by the fire brigade and by a Emergency chaplain supervised. A total of around 50 emergency services were deployed. During the mission, shipping on the canal had to be stopped.

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