Hero Mustafa: I would like Bulgarians to travel to America without visas

In an interview with “Panorama” US Ambassador to Bulgaria Hero Mustafa said she would love to see Bulgarian citizens travel to America without visas. According to her, in a year of a pandemic it is difficult to make progress on this issue, but there is still such and will continue to work together with the Bulgarian side to achieve this goal.

Hero Mustafa also commented on how US policy towards Bulgaria will change under President Joe Biden.

“US policy towards Bulgaria is aimed at deepening, strengthening and strengthening our relations. I have been working to achieve this for more than a year. And this will not change. America will continue to see Bulgaria as a very strong partner. “, said the American ambassador to Bulgaria.

What we have seen from the new administration are some different policy priorities. The main overarching goal is the same. Some of the priorities and accents in politics are a little different, said Hero Mustafa.

“We have seen, for example, an emphasis on climate change and the re-accession of the United States to the Paris Agreement. We have seen a renewed emphasis on working on human rights issues, seeking re-accession to international human rights organizations, and re-accession. Therefore, in general, we see that the United States is re-engaging with these international organizations and intensifying our partnerships with allies such as Bulgaria, “explained Hero Mustafa.

On the topic of gas transit and supplies, the ambassador said that “Turkish Stream” transports blue fuel from one supplier, and the United States insists on diversification of suppliers.

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