Herpes and other diseases that are transmitted through kissing

The kiss is more than just a gesture of love or complicity between two partners. At the same time, kisses allow us to discover who is the most suitable person for us, the person who will stimulate us and who will arouse in us the maximum of emotions.

Although it seems a harmless form of expressing sexuality, kissing can endanger your health. Find out what diseases can be transmitted through this gesture of tenderness and how you can avoid them!

Diseases that are transmitted by kissing – flu and herpes

You have to admit that sometimes passion makes you break the rules of sexual hygiene. But experts warn that diseases such as the flu, herpes and “kissing disease” can be prevented if you refrain from some manifestations of the condition when one of you has obvious signs of the disease.

Herpes is caused by a virus that can enter the body very easily when you kiss your loved one. The disease is transmitted quickly, because the most common location of herpes is in the lips, and by kissing you have direct contact with both the lesions and the infected saliva.

The symptoms of herpes consist of red rashes on the skin, which are covered with plaques and blisters with fluid, grouped in a bouquet. After a day or two, these blisters break and leave spots, crusts or scars, which disappear in a few days.

Thus, if you notice obvious signs of herpes in your partner, it is not advisable to kiss, so as not to come into contact with saliva and lesions on the lips. But it’s not enough. Herpes is also spread through toothbrushes, towels, handkerchiefs, glasses and cutlery.

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The treatment of herpes consists in the administration of tablets and in the local application of ointments. Herpes can be cured in about ten days.

Diseases transmitted by kissing – mononucleosis or “kissing disease”

Common in young people, the “kissing disease” is caused by a virus (called Epstein-Barr) and is similar to colds: sore throat, fatigue, drowsiness and fever. In most cases, the disease goes away on its own, and most of those infected with the virus do not see a doctor for treatment.

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