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Hertzainak moves to a disc "the magic night" of Kafe Antzokia. Deia, Bizkaia News


BILBAO Hertzainak, or at least his two leaders, Gari and Josu Zabala, have decided to leave their return for history for three concerts in Bilbao last September. And they do it with Kafe An-Tzokian, an album that includes nine of the songs that were offered in the Bilbao hall, on “a magical and emotional night, with the audience taking us on volandas”. His time at Euskalduna Jauregia will be broadcast on ETB at Christmas, and his subsequent publication is not ruled out.

"It's a memory of that night." This is how Zabala summarized the album, an unforeseen consequence of the sporadic meeting of the two leaders of Hertzainak on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the group's birth. The initial idea, to offer a concert in Euskalduna Jauregia, doubled in the palace, with recitals on September 25 and 26, and had a precedent in the Kafe Antzokia on the 17th of the same month.

“The local and we owed each other. And they have given us that space by editing the album on their label, ”said Gari, promoter of the idea of ​​punctual reunification, which was supported by the vocalist's group, Maldanbera, who turned to the project“ very seriously , with a great job and a lot of love, to bring the songs of Hertzainak to the 21st century, ”according to Zabala.

The composer, bassist and keyboardist of Hertzainak recalled yesterday "the doubts and difficulties" that arose in the preparation of concerts in Euskalduna. Therefore, it was decided to perform a “test” prior to the Kafe Antzokia, to “see how we felt together” after the years. The result was such that it ended in a record to "leave fixed in the memory that night", where "the enthusiasm and reception of the people made it" a magical and special evening, full of emotion ".

In volandas

Kafe Antzokian collects nine of the songs that Her-tzainak presented on that unforgettable evening before some 700 people, in which also participated the string quartet Et Incarnatus, Jon Maia and the bertsolaris Unai Iturriaga and Igor Elorza. The latter include a text on the disc in which they assure that Hertzainak "was not only a rock band", but also contributed to "let people change everything".

The album includes Si vis pacem parabellum, Yellow steaks, Larru beltzak, Egunetik egunera, Ispiluaren aurrean, Zoratzen Naizela, Ez dago ilusio faltsurik, Esaiok and 564, half of the interpreted. “The last one was the key moment because we undressed with it, the public sang it and a brutal energy was created. They made it their own, ”Gari explained to DEIA. "The CD could have had more travel and themes, but we didn't want to saturate people," Zabala said.

“The Kafe Antzokia concert was chosen because the audience, which can influence up to 40% of a concert, took us on volandas. The concept of rock club was lived and everything was very natural. It was something unexpected, like the album, which is marked by haste and lack of planning. The important thing is the emotion and the communication, what really remains ”, agreed Gari and Zabala, who announced that the Euskalduna appointments, in which members of Oskorri, Iñaki Uoho, Ruper Ordorika and Gorka Urbizu, among others, can be seen in ETB at Christmas. "There will be some more recording, in video format, of Euskalduna," Zabala confirmed

Although both recognized that in Euskalduna it is more difficult to reach people, being seated, Gari said that the two concerts offered, especially the second, serve as a “vindication of the Basque culture”. In his opinion, "sometimes it seems that we play in a lower division, but putting Euskalduna upside down is something unprecedented; and great artists have passed through it." Finally, Zabala was skeptical about the health of rock in Basque, despite Berri Txarrak's triumph in 2019. “The investment and effort made by them before are incalculable. In addition, how many people doing rock and Basque reach that level? And here success does not pass a decade, ”he concluded.



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