‘He’s going to go to Europe’; Pocho Guzmán will not be negotiated with Chivas

Editorial Mediotiempo

Mexico City / 12.11.2020 10:22:47

After Ricardo Peláez give hopes that Victor Guzman go back to Chivas for him Closing 2021, the president dand Pachuca, Jesus Martinez, ended with them by saying that the midfielder has to go to Europe.

“No, Víctor Guzmán is going to Europe, that place where he has to goFor now he has to dedicate himself to what his team is, which is Pachuca, which has given him a lot and that is where he has to be focused, ”he told ESPN.

The manager of the Tuzos mentioned that Pocho is one of the children that the club has and applauded how he overcame the controversy of the positive for doping that gave at the beginning of 2020, just when it had already been sold to the Herd.

“The has quality to go to Europe, I trust him a lot because he is one of my many children that I have and I really I feel very proud because he has managed to overcomeHe is a man of character, he is a professional man and he has to go thinking to Europe not in Mexican soccer ”, he added.


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