“He’s Responsible” – 911 Call Reveals ‘Rust’ Script Supervisor Blames Assistant Director for Accident with Alec Baldwin


24 oct 2021 10:23 GMT

As Mamie Mitchell contacted the hotline, she was heard holding the assistant director responsible for the tragic event that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

The police authorities of the county of Santa Fe (New Mexico, USA) recently released the audios of a call made to the emergency line 911 by the supervisor of the script of the film ‘Rust’, immediately after the actor Alec Baldwin will shoot by accident the prop gun loaded with real ammunition that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured the director Joel Souza.

According to him material, Mamie Mitchell explained what happened to the operator, informed her that there were two people injured and requested an ambulance. When the 911 manager asked her if the gun was loaded with live ammunition or not, she replied that she did not know and insisted that there were two injured people on set. “We were rehearsing. [El arma] he shot up and ran away “, story.

While the request was being processed, Mitchell is heard on the call talking to someone who is not involved in the phone communication and blaming the tape’s assistant director for the tragic event. “This damn AD [asistente de dirección] he yelled at me at lunch asking about reviews. He’s supposed to check the weapons. Is responsible for what happened“, the supervisor assures in the background, referring to the assistant director, whose name she does not mention.

Court records indicate that Dave Halls, who was working as an assistant director, took one of the three prop pistols prepared by a gunsmith and before handing it to Baldwin shouted “cold weapon”, an expression that in English indicates that a weapon is not loaded with real ammunition. Halls did not know there were live bullets in the gun, the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Detective said in the documents. It is unknown if Dave Halls is the man Mamie Mitchell was referring to in the audio.

Hall has not responded to questions about whether he followed proper protocol before the crash. Meanwhile, the professionalism of Hannah Gutiérrez, the armory commissioned on the film’s set, has also been called into question. A report from Los Angeles Times states that Gutiérrez lacked enough experience and that many in the film industry have questioned his hiring. “Rust” was his second film as chief gunman and he had to make sure to check all the weapons and verify that they were loaded at the appropriate time with the correct projectiles, the newspaper stresses.

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