‘Hesitation before going to school’, what is the result of the interim check of the all-time strong team?

‘Hesitating before going to school, midterm inspection of survival admission mission photo = broadcast capture

‘A mid-term check on the survival admission mission, which was rejected due to hesitation before going to school, continued.

On the afternoon of the 15th, episodes 5-2 of the MBC audition program ‘After School Fluttering Prequel’ Hesitation Before Going to School were released through Naver NOW.

First on this day, ‘Something New’ stage was performed by Kang Min-ji, Lee Ha-young, and Kim Su-yeon, the strongest vocal group recognized by vocal trainer Young-ji who was hesitant before going to school. The three drew admiration from the start with their explosive singing ability and ad-lib, and Youngji was very good. I got goosebumps and it was so beautiful.”

Chungha said, “Jo Yoo-jung, Bang Seon-hee, and Lee Soo-bin, who have already staged the 12 o’clock stage, suddenly decided to do the choreography because one of the team members was missing.” In Aiki, it was difficult to find a charm point because of the three people’s constant mistakes.” I can’t make excuses.”

Song Ye-rim and Kang Eun-woo, who appeared with a sensible greeting, performed the ‘Bishop Briggs’ River stage with an overwhelming dance from the start. On the stage of two people divided into a song part and a dance part, Aiki wants to bring Yerim to our team.” It’s the first time I’ve seen Eunwoo sing like this.”

Lastly, the Last Chance team’s ‘LATATA stage’ was unveiled, consisting of Hyungseo Myeong, a girl group member, Hari Kim, a member of the girl group debut group, Wei, Han Chang, and Sumin Choi, majoring in Chinese dance. Like a team of talented people, Youngji and Aiki are like a girl group on the stage of five people who overwhelmed everyone with their facial expressions and sword choreography. I think I can debut like this.” He praised the storm.

But Youngji can’t see or hear Way. We have to work together so that Way can be seen.” When Wei heard this, she burst into tears and met the trainees’ mother, Dr. Oh Eun-young, confessing that life in Korea was not easy.

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