“Hey Boy”: a hard-hitting, hard and necessary feminist clip

The Montreal group Random Recipe on Tuesday unveiled a punch clip of the song Hey boy – engaged and feminist – directed by artist MissMe. A must see!

This song written in 2017 and released on the album Distractions (2018) speaks of the oppressions suffered by women, but also of consent and bodily diversity. Words that echo a summer marked by denunciations on social networks. Supported by the images of the committed artist MissMe, this feminist work – against a background of soft and crystalline melody – is magnificently punchy, hard and necessary.

Interview with Frannie Holder, one of the two voices of the group alongside Fab.

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The song was written in 2017, the music video has just been released. How do you feel to see her come back to the forefront today?

“The clip was ready in March, but with the pandemic we waited to release it. Then there was the summer and the denunciations, we didn’t want to occupy the space! Listening to the lyrics again, I said to myself that I would have added a verse in particular on the awareness that everyone should have about their own actions. The more we dig, the more complex the issue of feminism – and the more discussion is needed! “

What are the lyrics of this song that you remember the most today?

“This idea that no matter what we are going to do as a breakthrough, there is going to be a door further on that will close. This feeling of being oppressed is never over, but all these realizations and reflections bring hope. However, I am convinced that gender equality and equity will not be achieved in my lifetime. ”

“This feeling of being oppressed is never over, but all of these realizations and reflections bring hope.”

– Frannie Holder, Random Recipe

How was the meeting with MissMe?

“It took place in Italy, around Bologna. We were told that Montreal artist MissMe would be coming to our concert that evening. We became friends by saying that one day we would have to work together. The title Hey Boy has become obvious! Between the soft music, the strong words and images, demanding …, it is striking. “

How did the song come about?

“We wondered about the relevance of our group, Random Recipe, which is still emerging, but also about the place of women in music. The reason we clung is that we refuse to be and become women who die out as we age. It is not because we are 34 years old that we cannot pursue what drives us, Random Recipe, whose DNA is the scene and rather explosive titles! It is from this reflection that was born Distractions in 2018 we worked with about fifteen women. ”

Selfie by Random Recipe on the set of “Hey Boy”. From left to right: Fab and Frannie, the two singers of Random Recipe.

“I am driven by the hope of improving things by taking concrete action. I also try to deconstruct my own construction of a gay woman. This summer and the waves of denunciations have allowed us all, I think, to reflect on the behavior we can have. Every week, I babysit my two-year-old niece and I tell myself that her daily life will certainly be better than ours, thanks to all of this. ”


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