Hey pictures:: A “mysterious object” in the center of the Milky Way “manipulates astronomers”… Pictures and video

Astronomers have discovered unusual signals in the form of pulses that appear sometimes and disappear at other times, coming from the center of the Milky Way, whose patterns do not fit the patterns of radio waves currently understood, which may indicate the existence of a “new class of stellar bodies” that scientists described as “the object.” The Stranger”, whose mysterious signals caused astronomers to be puzzled, seemed to “manipulate and joke with astronomers.”

Astronomers spotted waves on strange intermittent pulses of radio waves that experts considered “do not fit the pattern of currently understood patterns” from radio sources, which aroused the attention and admiration of scientists.

Strange, highly polarized pulses ‘manipulate astronomers’
The astronomers emphasized that the strangest characteristic of these new signals is that they have “extremely high polarization”. This means, according to scientific sources, that the light emitted by the source of these signals oscillates in one direction only, but this direction rotates with the passage of time and crosses it in spacetime.

After discovering 6 radio signals from a mysterious source over the course of nine months in 2020, astronomers tried to find the object that emits these pulses in visible light. But the scientists did not find anything.

Scientists continued the process of searching and investigating, using a group of advanced telescopes, as they scanned the Milky Way to search for the source of the mysterious radio pulses.
Scientists were finally able to determine the unknown source by adopting various telescopes with different methods of searching and tracking stars in space, where the “mysterious object” appeared intermittently and then disappeared again, which made the blind people confused, according to the article published in the “livescience” magazine. Scientific.

“We’ve been scanning the sky with the ASKAP telescope to find new, unusual objects through a project known as Variables and Slow Transients (VAST), throughout 2020 and 2021,” said Professor Tara Murphy, who led the huge new research from the Sydney Institute of Astronomy. According to the article published in the scientific journal “scitechdaily”.

“We then tried the more sensitive MeerKAT radio telescope in South Africa. Because the signal was intermittent, we only observed it for 15 minutes every few weeks, and then it was gone.” And the astronomer continues, “Fortunately, the signal returned again, but we found that the behavior of the source was significantly different, as the source disappeared in one day, unlike the observations of the previous observatory.”

“A unique object” … “joking” astronomers with a series of “changes”
The study’s lead author, Zhiting Wang, said: “At first, scientists thought the source was a pulsar, a very dense type of rotating dead star, or another type of star that emits massive solar flares. But the signals from this new source do not match what we expect. of these types of celestial bodies.”

But with the new study, Ziting Wang of the University of Sydney, along with an international team and scientists from the Australian National Science Agency (CSIRO), Germany, the United States, Canada, South Africa, Spain and France, discovered this mysterious object, using CSIRO’s ASKAP radio telescope. in Western Australia. His observations were then followed up using the MeerKAT telescope of the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory.

After examining the center of the galaxy, scientists found what was described as a “unique object”, which is a unique star given the code (ASKAP J173608.2-321635), which was considered “very unique and mysterious” due to a series of strange changes that occurred in it within a short period, where ” It appeared invisible, then brightened, faded, and then reappeared. This behavior was absolutely unusual.”
The mysterious star emitted an oscillating and changing radio signal that reached Earth from the center of the Milky Way, accompanied by a strong contrast in brightness as it emits a very bright brightness (by a factor of 100) and then disappears again, and the team confirms that it “has never seen such a phenomenon before.”

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