Hezbollah responded to Bassil: The truthful did not break a promise and using the language of treachery is unwise – Al-Binaa Newspaper

Media relations in Hezbollah commented on the press conference held by the head of the “Free Patriotic Movement”, Representative Gebran Bassil, and on the statements issued by the movement’s circles, and said in a statement, “Everyone in Lebanon knows Hezbollah’s method of approaching issues in which it disagrees with friends and allies, which are His eagerness to discuss matters with them through private and direct meetings, and because we do not want to enter into a debate with any of our friends, although much of what was mentioned in Minister Basil’s words needs discussion, but we find ourselves concerned with commenting on two issues for the need to clarify them for public opinion.
She added, “The first issue: Hezbollah did not make a promise to anyone that the caretaker government would not meet until all its components agreed to meet, so that Minister Bassil would consider that the government meeting that took place is a breach of the promise. What we said clearly previously, and after consultation and agreement with Presidents Nabih Berri and Najib Mikati, is the following:
A – The caretaker government will not meet except in cases of necessity and urgent need.
B – In the event that it meets, its decisions will be taken unanimously by its components, and we did not say that the government will not meet until after its components agree.
C – On the other hand, Hezbollah did not make a promise to the movement that it would not attend emergency sessions of the government if the movement’s ministers were absent.
Therefore, the truthful ones did not break a promise, and the matter may have been confused by Minister Bassil, so he made a mistake when he accused the truthful ones of what they did not commit.
And she continued, “The second issue: We were invited to participate in the government session, and our condition was that the agenda be limited to the necessary, urgent, and non-deferrable issues that can only be resolved by the Council of Ministers, and after checking and amending the items and after making sure of our acceptance that the only way to solve these issues related to the needs of Certain people he is in the government meeting, we decided to participate and we participated. And Minister Basil had told us that if you participated and rejected any decision in the session, this will be respected based on the fact that the decision will be taken unanimously by the components of the government, but he expressed his principled position regarding the origin of the session to the caretaker government.
And she considered, “Giving our participation in the session political interpretations, for example, a heated message on the issue of electing the president, or putting pressure on a political party in the presidential elections, or twisting someone’s arm, or targeting the Christian role, or… all are illusions within illusions, as the size of the issue for us is What we mentioned above.
And she considered, “The haste of some circles of the current to use the language of treason, treachery, and refraction, especially among friends, is an unwise and inappropriate behavior. And our concern for friendship and friends remains the ruler for our dealings with any reaction, especially since Lebanon today is in dire need of communication, dialogue and internal discussion to get out of the difficult crises it is suffering from.

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