Hezbollah’s entry of Iranian fuel shipments into Lebanon is a violation of the country’s sovereignty

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Lebanon’s Prime Minister Najib Mikati said that Iranian fuel shipments introduced by Hezbollah into the country are a “violation of Lebanon’s sovereignty,” according to statements posted by his office on Twitter.

“I am saddened by the violation of Lebanon’s sovereignty,” the office quoted the prime minister as saying in an interview with CNN.

But he added, “I have no fear of sanctions, because the operation took place in isolation from the Lebanese government.”

On Thursday, Tehran-allied Hezbollah began bringing in trucks carrying fuel from Iran, in a move it says will ease the country’s severe energy crisis.

The tanker carried the fuel to Syria before transporting it to Lebanon. Both Syria and Iran are subject to US sanctions.

The Lebanese channel LBCI said late on Friday that a new group of tankers carrying Iranian fuel entered Lebanon through the Hermel region.

Hermel is located at the northern end of the Bekaa Valley, an area inhabited mainly by Shiites, from whom Hezbollah draws its support.


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