«Hi big boss, I will miss you. I love you”

Grave mourning for Valerio Staffelli: «Hello big boss, I will miss you. I love you”. The historical correspondent of Striscia la news made the announcement through his Instagram account with an intense and moving post. The death of his father Gennaro comes three years after that of Alessandro, Valerio’s brother.

With a post on his Instagram, Valerio Staffelli announced the death of his beloved father: «Yesterday (Thursday 27 August, ed) my father left us, Gennaro Staffelli known as “Ciccio” of Neapolitan origins born in 1938, a merchant, the best I have ever met, he was a master in the art of sales, ironic, sensitive, a generous, good and very nice man, ironic as many Neapolitans know how to be. Do you think that he made us smile and sang until the day before to cheer us up, because he felt that time was over now».

«My dad taught me a lot – writes Valerio Staffelli – what you have seen on TV in recent years is also the result of his savoir fair, think for example that my “come la va ‘…” which I have been repeating for 24 years now during @striscialanotizia it was the greeting he gave to his customers. Thanks to him I was able to take the road of show business, I worked in his shop and then I auditioned left and right, without the support of that salary I would never have succeeded. Anyway hello “Big boss” I will miss you I love you. RIP».

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