Hideo Kojima’s studio embarks on film, television and music

If he has always been known in the world of video games, Hideo Kojima does not hide his interest in the film, television and music industry.

At the end of each Metal Gear Solid, fans often wonder, “why doesn’t he just make movies?” “. So few game studios dare to venture into the field, Kojima seems determined to accomplish his cause.

Kojima Productions: a cinema, television and music division in Los Angeles!

According to the specialized press, Kojima Productions now has a cinema, television and music unit, based in Los Angeles. Riley Russell, a former Sony Interactive executive, will be in charge of the pole’s direction, which is trying to share the cultures of Kojima at the International scale.

Russell told the outlet that this newly formed division will be ” working with creative and talented professionals television ”. “The team’s goal is to expand the reach and notoriety of the properties currently in development at Kojima Productions, and to integrate them even more into our popular culture.”


A surprise that is not

It is not, however, so surprising to see Kojima focus on cinema, television and music, beyond video games. Indeed, if you follow him on Twitter, you will notice that he posts frequently on his favorite albums and movies.

But how does the team plan to manage its expansion? This remains to be seen, and will certainly not be easy. Either way, Kojima Productions continues to thrive in games. Lately the studio has designedDeath Stranding Director’s Cut, a title where death is not an end. We also wonder what the film would look like if Kojima decides to make an adaptation of the game to the cinema. We will know more in the future.

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