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ⓒ JoongAng Ilbo / JoongAng Ilbo Japanese version2022.09.21 09:08

The police began investigating after receiving a report that a high school student in Gwangju had secretly filmed parts of a female teacher’s body.

According to the Gwangju Gwangsan police on the 20th, it was reported on the 5th that a third-year student at a private high school in Gwangju, A, hid his mobile phone under the lecturer’s desk and filmed the body of a female teacher illegally. , entered the Gwangsan Police Station.

According to the Gwangju City Office of Education and private high schools, Mr. A has been secretly filming only female teachers for over a year from the second semester of last year until recently.

More than 150 photos and videos were found on Mr. A’s mobile phone. The victim was not just one teacher, but many.

It turned out that Mr. A left his mobile phone’s video recording function turned on and placed it on the bottom edge of the classroom teacher’s desk. He dimmed the brightness of the filming LCD screen to make it appear as if the power had been turned off.

It was also revealed that he used the same technique to voyeur female teachers not only in his own classroom, but also in the mobile class group (elective subject).

The police have confiscated Mr. A’s mobile phone and are proceeding with the investigation. Police are investigating whether he acted alone or whether he had accomplices.

The school recently convened a committee for the protection of church rights and issued a severe disciplinary action, expulsing A from school.

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