High burden of distance learning but parents satisfied with teachers

The topic of school polarizes the population strongly: According to surveys by TQS Research & Consulting, 45 percent indicated a very high or rather high burden due to distance learning. At the same time, the switch to distance learning is the measure that is classified as the least effective in the fight against the corona pandemic, despite the high level of concern for many people. Most of them are satisfied with the teachers.

“The measures of the restrictions in the school are assessed critically, but the performance of the schools apparently works well,” said Dieter Scharitzer, assistant professor at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, assessing the data. His institute TQS Research & Consulting surveyed 1,000 adult Austrians on November 16, i.e. after the announcement and immediately before the lockdown came into force. There were just over 300 parents among them.

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