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Financial Center/Reported by Zhong Huiyu

Today (10), the high-end vaccine will undergo a phase II clinical trial to unblind. It is expected that the results of the unblinding will be announced at the press conference at 5 pm on the high-end, which has attracted great attention from all walks of life. The stock price of high-end vaccines has been declining since last week, swallowing 6 lower limit in a row, but this week it rebounded dramatically. The daily limit for 2 consecutive days has fluctuated more than 18%, making investors wonder. In this regard, some insiders revealed the dark inside story of Taiwan’s biotech stocks.

▲High-end vaccines are now free of blindness. (Schematic/Data Photo)

Some netizens pointed out at PTT that they had worked in the Taiwan branch of the US Biopharmaceutical Company in the past. Based on past experience, they found that most of the new drug researchers in Taiwan have sufficient abilities and basic skills, and even overwhelm foreign researchers. “But Taiwan The problem of biotech stocks is not only political factors, but also internal and external management, investor pressure, competition and cooperation between companies… and so on.”

He even described it by Lin Quan, chairman of Taiwan Toyo, once said that “the water is deep”. He also believes that if retail investors want to invest in biotech stocks as a long-term investment, “really not recommended”; if they are already on board, it is just like Lei Jun said. , Pigs can fly, “Just remember not to fall to death.”

Netizens read the hot discussion, “The whole trend is very weird, retail investors really can’t be greedy”, “The high-end is sprayed like this before the blind is solved, it is very bizarre at first,” “The biotech stocks are really deep, look. If you pull it like that on Tuesday, you’ll know.”

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