Entertainment "High Fidelity" starts as a series

“High Fidelity” starts as a series


25 years after the novel and 20 years after the movie, the music nerd story “High Fidelity” has now appeared as a series – with a modern touch. The ten-part series about a record store in the New York district of Brooklyn started on Friday in the US streaming service Hulu.

The main actress Zoë Kravitz – daughter of actress Lisa Bonet and rock musician Lenny Kravitz – plays the bisexual and melancholic record store owner Rob, who has to deal with her complicated love life.

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Successful author Nick Hornby worked on the script, who published the book “High Fidelity” in 1995. The story is transferred from London in the 90s to New York in 2020 – at a time when records are making a big comeback and the music world is being revolutionized by online services such as Spotify. The novel had already been filmed for screen in 2000. Zoë Kravitz’s mother played Bonet in the movie. (Apa / afp)


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