High Flow Oxygen Machine by Thai people focusing on patient support Reduce the burden on the medical team

The first “High Flow Oxygen Machine” by Thai people! Comes with 3 main functions, focusing on patient support – reducing the workload of the medical team before delivery to field hospitals and necessary hospitals

It must be admitted that in the current situation of COVID-19, front line medical personnel including those with COVID-19 or those with impaired breathing conditions It is the most worrisome risk group. because of the cumulative number of infected people Especially the level of yellow symptoms that continue to increase. and have a need A large number of “High Flow Oxygen Machines” to support pre-critical symptoms in red levels. In addition, medical personnel who have been on duty for several hours. There may be symptoms of accumulated fatigue. or eventually faint

High Flow Oxygen Dispenser

So, in this difficult situation Many departments are mobilizing knowledge in the development of medical devices. So that we can move through this crisis together as quickly as possible. “King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang” (KMITL) One of the departments that developed “High Flow Oxygen Machine” under the integration of medical and engineering knowledge The purpose is to produce and distribute to field hospitals and hospitals that are urgently needed. Pilot more than 30 hospitals that initially requested donations, such as Sanam Palang Din Hospital, Mongkut Watthana, Bangkok, Chai Badan Hospital, Lop Buri Province, Pho Chai Hospital, Roi Et Province, Trang Hospital, Trang Province, within August 2021, which the aforementioned device will be ready. The special 3 functions are as follows.

  • Sensor system (Sensor) controls the constant flow of oxygen. to reduce the walk in and out of the wards of medical personnel The researchers therefore installed a flow sensor. Control the oxygen supply valve to keep the oxygen rate constant according to the treatment. The percentage of oxygen can be adjusted in the range of 21-100%. However, the oxygen released to the patient is mixed with clean air (21% oxygen) at the desired concentration in the air tank and through the plate. HEPA Filter
  • Alert system (Alert) every movement. In the past, medical teams had to continuously monitor and monitor patients. including limitations in the number of medical personnel Therefore, it may be unable to perform other duties efficiently. The researchers therefore installed an additional ‘audio’ alert function in the event of hypoxia.
  • Monitoring system at a distance Because the health of both healthcare professionals and patients is sensitive, the researchers designed it for social distance to avoid contact between healthcare professionals and patients. through monitoring and controlling the amount of oxygen air flow rate Temperature and blood oxygen monitoring of patients remotely with the app. which helps to reduce the death rate to be less in the future

side Prof. Dr. Suchachwee Suwansawat, President of King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) concluded that for the production plan for distribution The institute will begin operations in August 2021, manufacturing by an ISO 13485 certified facility applicable to both medical device manufacturers and organizations supporting medical device manufacturers.”Everyone can be a part of the “Give to keep breathing” through a Krung Thai bank account, account name “King Mongkut’s Hospital Foundation in the Patriarch to fight the danger of covids” Account number 693-0-35455-4 The donor can use the receipt to apply for a tax deduction 1 time. For more information, please contact King Mongkut’s Office of Research and Innovation Ladkrabang (KRIS) Tel. 086-825-5420, 085-382-0960 @kmitlfightcovid19

Track project movements “Give to keep breathing” at www.facebook.com/KMCHospitalbyKMITL and https://kmchf-pp.org Or contact King Mongkut’s Hospital Foundation Tel. 092-548-2640 and 092-454-8160 Line ID @kmitlhospital (to request a receipt for tax deduction)

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