High officials of the CIA and the Republican FBI demand the Count party

More than a hundred former Republican national security officials have demanded that party leaders denounce President Donald Trump’s refusal to acknowledge their electoral defeat against Joe Biden, an attitude that they have described as a dangerous and undemocratic attack on American institutions.

The group is made up of senior former members of the Department of Homeland Security during the presidencies of Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr., George W. Bush and Trump. The group of prominent public workers, which was formed last August, was particularly critical with the Republican leaders of Congress.

Reverse victory

The majority of Republican offices have so far remained silent in the face of Trump’s attitude, who insists on describing the elections of November 3 as fraudulent and that keeps your legal team active in an increasingly desperate and unsuccessful attempt to reverse Biden’s victory.

“Republican leaders put American democracy and national security at risk by encouraging delaying tactics by President Trump,” the group wrote. in a joint statement. Among the signers of the text is retired General Michael Hayden, who served as director of national security and head of the CIA; William Webster, the only one to become head of the CIA and the FBI; and John Negroponte, the first director of National Intelligence.


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