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With the beginning of physical examinations for senior high school entrance examinations in various places, related products and services have gradually increased.

A few days ago, a “physical test shoe” claiming to improve sports performance became popular on the Internet. “A pair of running shoes that can get full points in all items” “Improve standing long jump by 10 to 20 cm, men’s 1,000 meters, women’s 800 meters, and quickly increase by 20 to 40 seconds”… This is the promotion of some high school entrance examination “physical shoes” on the e-commerce platform Advertising slogan. Most of them are priced around 200 to 400 yuan, of which the highest-selling body test shoe has sold tens of thousands of pairs in the past month.

These astounding advertisements have attracted the attention of many parents. Many parents “prefer to believe that they have it” for fear that their children might miss the high scores and buy this shoe for a few hundred dollars. However, the reporter found that many “physical test shoes” on the market not only failed to reach the publicity effect, but also had quality problems such as hard soles and open glue, which did not improve the performance.

There are also more and more institutions that provide sports training for senior high school entrance examinations. “Help the middle school entrance examination sports, strengthen the physical and mental balance development”, “the middle school entrance examination sports training camp, get the best points”… The reporter searched on the Internet and found that the courses for this kind of training courses usually last one to two hours, and the price is dozens of It ranges from a few hundred yuan. In response to different needs, training institutions have also launched project experience courses and various “packages”, such as “winter and summer vacation training classes”, “weekend accumulation classes”, and “junior sprint classes”.

Ms. Gao, the parent of Xing Fei, a fourth-year student of Harbin No. 13 Middle School who successfully completed the physical examination for the senior high school entrance examination and achieved satisfactory results, said: “Previously, physical training was mainly considered to be the main focus of physical fitness. It’s not worth losing points in sports. We will make up for the weaker items to ensure the children’s performance.” Not only the parents of the candidates, but now some parents of the first and second grades and even elementary school students are also beginning to plan ahead.

Yunnan Province is the first country in the country to raise the score of the physical education entrance examination to 100 points. The examination has changed from “one exam in three years” to “two exams in one year”, including basic physical fitness tests, special skill tests, physical fitness monitoring and competitions. Add points.

The reporter learned that in some cities such as Yunnan, Beijing, and Shanghai, physical training courses generally range from 100 to 300 yuan an hour. The content includes: medium and long distance running, sprinting, skipping rope, table tennis, basketball, solid ball, flexibility training and other special projects in various cities. The sprint training method is adopted for students who are about to enter the high school entrance examination, and the performance is mainly improved.

Some training institutions in Shanghai put forward the slogan of “sports interest + test scores”. Some institutions have also launched the “3-month high school entrance examination sports score plan” to equip students with a “high school entrance examination consultant team” and a “professional coach team with rich evaluation experience.” According to a consulting teacher from a sports training institution in Beijing: “The PE training class usually lasts 1.5 hours per class, the intensive training class usually has 4 to 6 people, 10 classes are 1,500 yuan, and the private class one-to-one, 10 classes are 3,000 yuan. Depending on the situation of the child, there are also signed classes.”

Liu Xue, who founded a sports training institution for senior high school entrance examinations in Suzhou City, Anhui Province, is a retired professional athlete. “One day, I was instructing juniors at the training base to practice solid ball, and a parent came over and asked if I could guide their children. Because There is a solid ball in the sports test of Anhui Senior High School Entrance Examination. After I pointed it out, the children’s grades improved by more than one meter. The parents were very surprised. After that, many parents came to ask me to give pointers to their children.” Liu Xue said Her experience in setting up a sports training institution for the senior high school entrance examination.

Over the years, Liu Xue has discovered a change. “Before, it was parents. Nearly two or three months before the high school entrance examination for physical education, they rushed to conduct this kind of training. Now, more and more parents start this kind of training from the second grade and even the elementary school in order to cultivate their children’s exercise habits. “

The high school entrance examination has increased the score of sports, and the market has followed up quickly. The phenomenon caused by it must be treated rationally. Some experts believe that it is necessary to improve the market supervision system. For sports training institutions for senior high school entrance examinations, relevant departments should issue policies to ensure the healthy and orderly development of the extracurricular sports training market, and avoid letting physical exercise fall into “examination-oriented”. The purpose of the high school entrance examination is not to train professional athletes, but to make schools and parents pay more attention to sports and physical health, so as to lay the foundation for the realization of national fitness and healthy China. (Zhang Xiaoke)


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