High Season prepares an edition of the festival that “reflects the situation” of sanitary crisis

The Temporda Alta performing arts festival anticipates that the 2020 edition will “reflect the situation” of a health crisis that lives the country. Its director, Salvador Sunyer, has assured that “there will surely be references” to the virus and the confinement that is living much of the world. Besides, Sunyer has warned that covid-19 will be invoicing the programming. Although they already had a large number of international shows closed, the uncertainty of mobility and the restrictions that each country will have makes it impossible to determine which companies will come and which ones will not. In addition, the director has said that there will be “more presence in the country” with productions that have not been able to tour, and the programming will be closed “on the fly.”

Coronavirus is affecting many levels and this will have an impact on economics and society, in the first level. And part of that impact will eventually be transferred to the cultural world. One of the examples will be the programming of the Temporada Alta Festival, which is held in different municipalities in the Girona region. Its director, Salvador Sunyer, has warned this fall that it will be “a festival similar to previous editions”, but that the programming will be adapted “more to the circumstances than to the will”.

In fact, Salavador Sunyer has advanced that the High Season this fall will “reflect the situation” that the country is experiencing and also the rest of the world these days. The director assured that “most of the shows there” may not be reflected directly, but there are sure to be references “.

The pandemic is affecting the organization of the festival at different levels. First, the director warned that “the budget will be reduced” because of lower donations from sponsors.

Festival organizers had “a part” of international programming closed, which they now want to keep. However, the uncertainty of mobility restrictions and the health situation prevent us from predicting which shows will be held and which will not. Sunyer said that these days, when they book flights from the companies that are coming, lairlines “warn they don’t know if planes can take off”. This makes it difficult to secure productions that will remain in the fall.

In addition, the director has said that there will be “more presence in the country” with some of the theater companies that have not been able to tour this month. The director assured that those productions that had canceled their premieres could have a place at the festival. “We will program what we can and what we think is OK,” added Salvador Sunyer.

A program “on the fly”

In the face of all these uncertainties, the director of the performing arts festival has regretted that the programming will be closing “on the go”. Salvador Sunyer He stated that his intention was “for the theater to be done and for the music to be done” and from that point on, “whatever would be done would be adapted”.

Regarding possible audience restrictions, Sunyer hopes that by the fall all facilities will be ready with all available locations, but he also does not put his hand on the fire. “Everyone was convinced that the stage programming for May and June could be done and that would not be the case,” concluded the festival director.


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