Sport High tension on the benches

High tension on the benches


This afternoon’s game at the Camp Nou will be a duel between antagonistic styles, between a Barcelona that assimilates the colorful football set by Setién and a surprising Getafe, who comes third in the table practicing a more practical and practical football. The style of Bordalás usually splashes the mood of the Barca coach, so cautious and calm in appearance but uncompromising with colleagues by profession who do not agree with his “thousand passes” ideology, to hold possession and take the initiative. «It is important for us to overcome the rival’s plan, of course. We are two different styles. Barcelona plays as it has been playing for years and Getafe too. The important thing is that your plan and your forms surpass the rival. It is neither more nor less important. The important thing is that whatever you do, you do it well, ”says Setu prudently, trying to divert attention from the bad relationship he has with Bordalás.

The animosity that both technicians maintain comes from afar and is based on each person’s particular way of understanding the show that football should offer. Dialectic wars, avoiding greeting and permanent indifference has been the tonic for seven years, when Setién trained Lugo and Bordalás al Alcorcón. The Madrid win 0-1 and the current coach of Barcelona criticized his namesake: «We let ourselves be won by a team that did not deserve it. It pisses me off to see players waste time. I hope that the Alcorcón does not ascend because it is sad to see them. He does not play or let play, interrupt and waste time ».

Criticisms that were repeated regularly season after season, even in the Santander League, when the Cantabrian was in Betis and Alicante in Getafe. «I think it’s unfortunate, Getafe is the team that makes the most mistakes. It is always the same and this is what the referees have to look at because they are to blame, they cannot be allowed to play only 25 minutes of each time. This is not football. My blood boil”. And every time they both face, Setien tends to suffer from an eczema that irritates him remarkably. However, without clarifying whether he will be greeted this afternoon, the Barça player tries to avoid the controversy: «I look closely at the rivals. On the subject of Bordalás, I have forgotten it and I will not speak anything at all ».

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Advocates the Getafe technician for not adding more fuel to the fire. «I respect him, I am a person who does not have any kind of resentment and I value any professional. That is more than forgotten. I like many things about Setién, Simeone, Zidane, there are many great coaches in our League, ”he said.

Rub with Simeone
However, the rifirrafes with Bordalás have not been the only ones that Setién has had with the coaches who see the way to face a game differently. “You are doing a sensational job, but I don’t like how your team plays,” he released Simeone when he received Atlético de Madrid as coach of Las Palmas. “Neither the one who attacks the most is the best of all nor the one who defends orderly is the worst of all,” Cholo replied. He also had his more and less with Mauricio Pellegrino for his defensive football, which led to the intervention of Santiago Cañizares, Valencia exporter and television commentator: «I’ve always liked coaches who have more points than praise», he accused acidly. .


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