Highly discounted quality smartwatch that you can buy from home

One of the things we have taken into account is that wearable accessories offer high compatibility. Therefore, they all use Bluetooth to synchronize with the phones, and in what has to do with the operating systems support for iOS and Android is fully present. In addition, it is also possible to use them as accessories to recognize physical activity in all kinds of situations, since water protection is present and they also integrate a good number of sensors in these good smart watches.

What time are smartwatches on sale?

We leave below all the models that we think are interesting and that have a very attractive offer and that can be buy directly at home. This is the selection we have made.

Garmin Vivoactive 3

A model that has very interesting virtues, such as integrating GPS, which makes it an excellent companion when it comes to playing sports. With up to seven days of autonomy with regular use, it allows mobile payments, since it includes an NFC chip. Its resistance to water is five atmospheres and its touch screen is in color. It has an interesting discount of 9%.

Amazfit GTS

It is one of the options that has the most important savings right now, since it reaches 23% no less. It integrates a high quality AMOLED screen, it has Gorilla Glass 3 protection, which is all life insurance. Its autonomy is excellent, since it reaches two weeks of use and, luckily, it does not lack integrated GPS either to offer the best possible precision when recognizing sports activity.


A smart watch that covers all kinds of needs with a design that is quite attractive. Right now you can buy it with a 35% discount, so we are talking about an excellent opportunity. It includes a color screen and its weight of 210 grams ensures that the comfort in use is very high. It is one of the options that you must take into account.


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

This is a smartwatch with an excellent quality, something that is clear with its steel finish and that the screen it integrates is AMOLED, so it can be seen perfectly outside the home. With the Tizen operating system, which allows you to install applications, you have no problem with water and allows you to make mobile payments. The discount you have right now reaches 15%.

vista lateral Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

Fitbit Versa 3

A great smartwatch that does not clash at all and that now you can get it with quite interesting savings. One of the things that makes this model different is that it integrates Alexa, which is striking. Its autonomy exceeds six days without problems, and it does not lack GPS so that the exercise data is reliable and accurate.

Fitbit Versa 3

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