Higuaín’s toughest decision: withdrawal is considered

Gonzalo Higuaín would be in the final stretch of his career because he is considering retiring as soon as the current campaign ends, as reported by Sun Sport. Although many details are still unknown, the English media points out that his poor physical condition has kept him off the playing fields in some of the games.

Higuain has 12 months left on a $ 5.7 million-a-year contract, but Neville wants to make changes to the team and would consider removing him from the team. Chris Henderson, the athletic director, would also be looking forward to taking off the Higuain and Matuidi salary tokens.

The goodbye of the ‘Pipa’ would put an end to a great career of the Argentine. At 33 years old, he can boast of having played in teams of the stature of River, Real Madrid, Naples, Juventus, Milan, among others. In more than 473 games he has registered 251 goals. A remarkable figure that proves his offensive nose.

This rumor takes many fans by surprise, who thought that the Argentine had more years of football left. But the truth is that lately some photographs had already been seen where he looked out of shape and that could suggest a possible early retirement.

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