Hijacked by a cat, the plane is forced to land in an emergency


Cat become a pet that is loved by many travelers. However, this cat made the plane an emergency landing.

Collected detikTravel from various sources, Tuesday (2/3/2021), the unusual incident took place in the capital Khartoum in Sudan. The cause was an angry cat who somehow got lost in the cockpit of the plane, as reported by local media Al-Sudani.

It is known that the incident occurred on Wednesday (24/2). Chronologically, the Sudanese Tarco airline is scheduled to fly from Khartoum to the capital Doha in Qatar.

Initially, the flight proceeded as usual. Only unexpectedly, there was one furry passenger who somehow managed to sneak into the cockpit.

About half an hour of plane take-off, suddenly the pilot found the stowaway hiding in the cockpit. Even though it looks harmless, the cat is known to be so aggressive as said by the pilot.

There may be fear within cat that, where the sound of planes flying at high altitude made him feel unsafe. Who would have thought, if the cat actually attacked the pilot who was on duty.

In the midst of the cat’s aggressive attack, all attempts to catch him are called unsuccessful. Finally the pilot made the decision to turn the wheel and return to the Sudanese capital.

Upon that incident, an investigation was held to find out the origin of the cat. He explained that the previous night the plane was said to be staying in the aircraft hangar. There is a good chance that the cat sneaked in and hid in the cabin.

Even though it sounds strange, in fact the cat hijacking incident is not the first time this has happened. In 2004, a Belgian airline plane was also forced to land again after being attacked by a person cat passenger named Gin who escaped from his cage.

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