Hike to peaks in the Thuringian Forest biosphere reserve

Dhe last and decisive eighteen meters were withheld from the Thuringians by God or the history of the earth. They would have loved to have crowned their country with a thousand meter high mountain to keep up with other German regions. The Black Forest with the Feldberg, the Bavarian Forest with the Großer Arber or the Harz with the Brocken casually exceed the thousand meter mark, but on the Großer Beerberg in the Thuringian Forest the geological unfolding has only brought about a maximum of 982 meters. But this low mountain range has a whole series of mountains with a height of more than nine hundred meters in a narrow space, and to properly emphasize this, a delightful summit tour has been devised between Suhl and Oberhof. In a short time, hikers can reach seven nine hundred peaks there – to a certain extent a reproduction of the legendary “Seven Summits”, but this time not difficult to reach and climb on different continents, but to walk in their native regions in a day or two.

Hiking enthusiasts from Suhl planned and set up the summit trail in 2005. Because of its diversity, it received certification as a “Quality Trail Wanderable Germany” just one year later, but is still overshadowed by a legendary competitor, because the Rennsteig’s cult character and popularity are still unbroken. In the long run, this does not even meet the high expectations. There are long, uneventful sections, and it is not uncommon for the path to run right along the road. While hikers sometimes jam there and have to come to terms with a steadily growing number of mountain bikers, the connoisseurs are among themselves on the summit path. There is only activity on the two short sections that overlap with the Rennsteig, where the small red triangle for the summit trail together with the big “R” for the Rennsteig shows the way.


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