Hints from Daniella Álvarez against Daniel Arenas?: “Undercover narcissists”

Much has been speculated about the love relationship between the former Miss Colombia Daniella Álvarez and the actor Daniel Arenas, Well, the rumors about their separation are already a topic of conversation in the most consulted gossip portals, after the controversy aroused in recent weeks by the kiss of the bumangués with Adamari López in a television program.

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Since then, the courtship between these celebrities has not been pleasant at all, who have no longer shared quality moments as a couple on social networks as they were accustomed to their millions of followers. What’s more, for many of them they were an example to follow and they had them as the reference of a “perfect love”.

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The controversy became more visible when a journalist approached the Barranquillera with some somewhat uncomfortable questions who did not want to answer and, with notable annoyance on his face, ignored the communicator, who had no choice but to stop asking questions.

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Hint from Álvarez?

And it is that in recent days there had been no information about the couple, however, a ‘spicy’ comment from the model on her digital platforms he returned to ‘stir up the hornet’s nest’ and put on the table the possibility that in effect the situation is not going entirely well.

It all started with the opinion of a influencer known as ‘Tatiana Franko’, who shared her experience in love relationships. The content creator stated that she had been the victim of some kind of hoax that left her broken and from which it was difficult for him to get out.

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Saying post caught the attention of Daniella Álvarez and left her reactions in the comment box of the publication with an “acid” phrase that caused a stir on social networks: “Better known as covert narcissists”, opinion that was not at all well received by some Internet users, who immediately began to speculate that it was a ‘punya’ for Arenas.

So far, it has not been confirmed or denied if indeed the love relationship between the celebrities ended and it will be a matter of waiting until one of the two gives a final verdict to this controversy that continues to gain new rumors every day.

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