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Hippisme: Hohneck and Galius validate their ticket to America

We know of two new qualifiers for the next Prix d’Amérique, held on January 30. In the Critérium Continental, third qualifying event for the main event, Hohneck performed a great performance to fetch his sesame. Driven with great composure by François Lagadeuc, he succeeded in spite of an indelicate position in the second layer with his nose to the wind, which did not disturb the driver in any way. “I controlled the test in this position, he debriefs. I expected a race with a lot of pace but we were all looking at each other. “A tactic which has therefore paid off for the one who signs his first success at Group I level and which allows Philippe Allaire to register his name for the first time on the prize list of this competition.

Galius takes advantage of the windfall

In the Prix Ténor de Baune, fourth qualifying round for the Prix d’Amérique, Galius took his chance and took advantage of the favorite’s setbacks, Ampia Mede Sm, at fault in the final turn to win. “I don’t really have any hot-button explanations,” says his driver Franck Nivard with great disappointment. A boon for Galius which allows Yoann Lebourgeois to sign his third victory of the winter meeting. This success is especially of a particular nature for the pilot, victim of a violent assault on October 5, which cost him 45 days of stoppage. Whether for Galius as for Hohneck, their participation in the Prix d’Amérique is pending but the entourage of the two horses leans more towards a positive response.

Ideal of oak succeeds Fado

Three years later Fado du Chêne, Claude Guedj’s coat shines again in the Prix de Vincennes. Ideal of Oak made a real demonstration in this Group I reserved for 3-year-olds, once again highlighting the association Julien Le Mer and Paul Philippe Ploquin. “I told you that we would win a great race together again,” the trainer said to his jockey, hugging him.

Caroline Loeb rewards Éric Raffin

Invited by our title, Caroline Loeb rewarded Éric Raffin, the winner of the Prix le Parisien at the sulky of Hurella. The actress will be playing Françoise par Sagan next month in Paris, a show nominated for Molières. Delighted with her coming to the Paris-Vincennes racecourse, she had the privilege of being able to follow the Prix de Vincennes (Gr. I) in the following bus: “I was under the spell. I will be back. “

Paris-Vincennes, December 26. Caroline Loeb rewards Eric Raffin, winner of the Prix du Parisien SCOOPDYGA – DESBRIEL Valentin

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