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Hiring the Security Guard. Clearing the covid insurance “find it and pay the end”. Tie the fight. Send SMS to change the contract.

Today (14 Nov 2021), Mrs. Narumon Meksudrut, Deputy Director of Consumer Rights Protection Department Foundation for Consumers revealed that if the company The One Insurance SMS To the consumer, choose to change – cancel the insurance contract. “See, pay, finish” that the consumer has the right to refuse what the insurance company offers because

  1. Not yet authorized by Office of Insurance Commission (OIC) as a registrar that the policy conditions are allowed to be modified
  2. If the conditions in the policy As a result, the insured receives less benefits, such as paying only for a coma, taking advantage of consumers who buy meet and pay because whenvaccinateThen the coma will be less risky
  3. transmission SMS for the insured to confirm the change of conditions It is an act that has not been authorized by the registrar. Therefore, the insured should not be fooled. and if done can cancel Because changes in the policy material must be obtained by the OIC and must be permitted before being able to do so.

Consumer Foundation Offers

  1. please OICCheck and order the insurance company to clarify. and revealed that How many unclaimed policies are there?
  2. please OIC Consider modifying the conditions of the insurance company. whether it is taking advantage of consumers or not In the event that the proposed change of conditions from “See, pay, finish” It is a condition to pay only for coma conditions. because of the present have vaccinations which reduces coma but does not prevent infection The action of the insurance company is to take advantage of consumers.
  3. Ask the OIC to take legal action against insurers who send misleading and deceptive messages forcing insurance buyers to change contracts.

Deputy Director of Consumer Rights Protection Consumer Foundation inviting consumers Let’s keep an eye on the meeting on solving insurance company problems that OIC will be held on Monday, November 15, because even though the OIC will help insurance businesses not to lose. but to maintain the interests of consumers who is the insured as well If changing the conditions of important benefits that the OIC had previously allowed Must ask permission first. why change

In this regard, the Consumer Foundation therefore urges the OIC to examine the operations and financial status of insurance company immediately due to irresponsible behavior As a professional in the insurance business which is a business that is sure to be trusted by the people and asks the OIC to disclose information on the number of Covid insured of all insurance companies to the public for the public to be aware of the real number of insureds and accelerating to build confidence back to consumers who docovid insuranceeveryone


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