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On Saturday, March 27, the new song “shining”, which was written as the theme song for the Fuji TV special drama “Okusama-Nobunaga Oda, the Birth of the Overlord”, will be released. On Saturday, April 3rd, it was announced that the new song “passion” will be broadcast on NHK “Minna no Uta” from June to July. From Thursday, April 15th, the new song “sha ・ la ・ la ・ la” will be aired as the theme song for the TV Asahi Thursday drama “Sakura no Tou”.
Appeared as a big bird of the rock festival “JAPAN JAM 2021” held at Soga Sports Park in Chiba City on May 5th (Wednesday / holiday). Whether you are a new fan who learned about Hiroji Miyamoto through a break as a solo, or a fan who has been chasing Hiroji Miyamoto for a long time, you can enjoy a live performance of ridiculous energy that will make you stunned at once. Pull off with Kitada Maki, drums Tom Tamada, and keyboard Shinya Okuno.
Then, on Saturday, June 12, 2021 = 55th birthday, a one-man live “Koji Miyamoto Vertical and Horizontal Inexhaustible” was held at the Tokyo Garden Theater, and four days later, on June 16th, the above 3 Released a new single “sha ・ la ・ la ・ la” containing songs.
Even in this situation of the world from 2020 to 2021, Hiroji Miyamoto, who has been accelerating at a tremendous pace rather than being scooped up, asked about the other day’s live performance and the latest single.

■ The situation was strange for a week until the actual production.

──I saw the big bird stage of “JAPAN JAM 2021” on May 5th. It was amazing.

You ’re a good member, right? Before music, Elephant Kashimashi is based on the friendship of junior high school and high school friends as a boy, and I do it with that trust. The members who played “JAPAN JAM” during this time are basically professional guitarists who have played guitar for decades, drummers who have played drums for decades, organs, and bass. Top players who have been doing it. I think that each of them is a fierce man who has been covered in battle and has experienced various sites more than I do. So from the time of the rehearsal, I was very nervous … I rehearsed three times for “JAPAN JAM”. Do the same length as that stage twice for each rehearsal. I thought I was going to die. For example, “Do you remember?” Or “Rising sun”, or even if it isn’t, you have to sing at the limit.

──Yes, that’s the song.

At that time, Tamada-kun’s drums of this band are always doing their best, and they return with a stronger sound to the song of Hiroji Miyamoto. I mean, I have no experience. So, that’s the case with all the members. I thought, for example, I really like the band Led Zeppelin. I’ve always admired the greatness of that battle between John Bonham and Jimmy Page. And the Rolling Stones, it feels like it’s backed by friendship … I feel like the approach is something like Elephant Kashimashi.

──Oh, I understand.

I would say that to a top band like Stones, but it’s a comparison within me. So, the current solo band is so awesome that Led Zeppelin’s sense of urgency, always throwing everything from the time of rehearsal. I have to do it with a feeling like “OK, what’s going on like this!” That member isn’t afraid.

──It was the third time you were able to perform solo and live in a band. Since “ROCK IN JAPAN FES.2019” in August 2019 and “COUNTDOWN JAPAN 19/20” at the end of the year.

Yes, it’s been a year and a half. So I’m looking forward to it, and I’m wondering, “Did I like concerts so much?” The situation was strange for a week before the production.

── (laughs) That’s it !?

I don’t know what kind of mental state it is, but I like to pull out the rice. Tears are fragile. So, the rehearsal is already fun, and it makes a sound. It’s different from yesterday’s rehearsal, the sound coming back.

──So, the first voice that came out on the stage was “Everybody! Uncle is happy and seems to go crazy!”

Yeah, I thought I had to tell it. I was really happy. So is the joy of making sounds with that member, and so is the joy of singing in public. Also, wasn’t it amazing that you were doing a festival at that timing?

──Well, without stopping.

With such a powerful message, I was really looking forward to it. I was so happy that I had to tell it, first.

■ The Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award is more than I think
I was happy that the fans were pleased

──Although some songs were sung from “ROMANCE”. How do you perceive the big hit of that album?

That album has wonderful and gorgeous arrangements and sounds from everyone, including Mr. Kobayashi (Takeshi), but at first, the songs that I sang in the workshop are the basis. It was amazing that it sold. There are songs that use the take that I recorded at the workshop as it is for the actual song … “Cotton handkerchief”, “Makeup”, “White umbrella”, “To Johnny” So is “message” and so is “romance”. The masterpieces that I have interpreted have arrived as they are. As a singer Miyamoto, that fact leads to a strong sense of confidence. (Art selection) Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award ──.

──You won the award, didn’t you? Popular performing arts department.

I was glad that the fans were more pleased than I expected. Fans are lonely after all. Even if you say “Do you know Elephant Kashima?”, Most people don’t know it, and even if there are people who know it, “Do you want to mess with that head?” I think it was an experience that people who said that would think, “Hey, I was right!” “ROMANCE” was selected for the Gold Disc Award for Planning, Album of the Year … because only those that sell realistically can get gold discs. I was very happy with that too.

──When did you start working on the three songs of the single “sha ・ la ・ la ・ la”?

In December of last year (2020), there was a story about “Okehazama” from Fuji TV. Meet with the staff of Fuji TV, including director Shunsaku Kawake. The video was already completed, so I saw it and thought that the title “shining” would be good. Imagine various scenes and make from “shining 1” to “shining 4”.

──First of all, the intro of “shining” was fresh. Starts with a Spanish guitar.

I really liked the drama based on Shotaro Ikenami, in which Fuji TV’s “Onihei Hankachō” and Nakamura Kichiemon played the role of Hasegawa Heizo. The ending theme was a Spanish song. That left a strong impression on me. At that time, I didn’t know that the song was Gipsy Kings, and I was really looking forward to seeing the ending.

── “Inspiration” of Gipsy Kings. That was the image.

Such a historical drama of the past … For example, there was a historical drama called “I remember in my arm” on NHK, and Toshinori Kondo played a very impressive trumpet in the intro of that song. That’s why Toshinori Kondo wants you to play in “In Tokyo Sky” (* Toshinori Kondo participated in the title song of the 7th album released in 1994).

──Oh, that was the trigger.

So this time, I was inspired by that song by Gipsy Kings. Then, in the fall of 2020, “passion” came to the story of “Minna no Uta”. Last time, I did “Kazeto Tomoni” with Elephant Kashimashi (broadcast from June to July 2017), but it has a very gentle taste, including Kunio Kato’s wonderful animation. When I was wondering if a song like that would be good, I was told, “I like a masculine song, please in Miyamoto-bushi.”

──It’s an upper song, isn’t it?

So, in January, there was a story about the theme song of the TV Asahi drama “Sakura no Tou”. When I had a meeting with the producer, I had a very clear policy. When I asked, “Then, what kind of song would you like?”, He said “at Miyamoto-bushi”.

■ When I saw my photo, I was at the concert, but
I didn’t feel uncomfortable even if I was alone.
I thought so for the first time, I

──So, did you have any ideas that got you started when writing “sha ・ la ・ la ・ la”?

The video of “Okehazama” has already been uploaded, and the staff had a clear image of the ending song. But of course, the video for “Sakura no Tou” isn’t there yet … Although the image of the drama was clear among them, the songs are left to the discretion. First of all, the word “sha ・ la ・ la ・ la” has been around since the demo stage, and how convincing that word is … isn’t it a good word? There is a mysterious melancholy, there is a feeling of being thrown away, but something like this, do you have something good? The word “sha ・ la ・ la ・ la” and that melody. I was wondering how to make it into a good shape, so I made it.

──The lyrics of this song are the theme that Miyamoto-san has sung many times, but it feels strangely new. There was before, but it’s the air now.

Ah, but hey … it’s similar to the live story I mentioned earlier, but I’m so happy that I can’t help it. I wonder what it should be … Mr. Okada took the picture of the first edition of this single, “JAPAN JAM 2021”.

──A document photo book that Takayuki Okada took on the day of “JAPAN JAM 2021”, which is attached to the first limited edition.

I was really surprised to see it. Normally, if the members aren’t there, it looks lonely. But even though I was at the concert, I didn’t feel uncomfortable even if I was alone. I thought so for the first time, me.

── Hey!

Yeah … well, I think it’s very fulfilling. I think this is what it means to live. So before, there were various things like Hiroji Miyamoto who took a walk, Hiroji Miyamoto who longed for a literary person, Hiroji Miyamoto who longed for Chinese writing, and Hiroji Miyamoto who longed for a rock star. But when I saw that picture, I was standing there for the first time as just a rock singer. I was really surprised to see it myself. Well, maybe designer Yuni Yoshida chose that kind of photo … Oh, but I thought so when I saw the photo of MUSICA (music magazine), so maybe I’m like that. It may have changed to.

── That’s a big deal, isn’t it?

Yup. I thought this was the proof that I became a proper rock singer. Everyone said that Hiroji Miyamoto’s song was good, and when I received an order for the song … “Please go to Miyamoto-bushi”, I made the one with the highest purity of Hiroji Miyamoto. Speaking of “sha ・ la ・ la ・ la”, it’s a theme that I’ve always sung, but … For example, the song “Bujinaru Otoko” (recorded in “Elephant Kashimashi 5” in 1992), <"That's right. Life in this world wouldn't be like this. I feel like it's more likely. ]> Or ──.

■ If you leave it alone, you will die, and if you do your best, you will die.
After all, including that, it means that you are happy.

──Ah, it’s the same in a sense.

That song I made when I was 24 years old. There are a lot of such songs, right? For Elephant Kashimashi. But after more than 30 years, I’m saying the same thing again. In “sha ・ la ・ la ・ la”, Or something. So now, as a singer and a member of society, I feel like I’m facing the world. That’s why you have to manage your physical condition. Like muscle training. Life is falling, and even though I have to decline and decay, why do I have to do 3 sets of 30 push-ups?

── (laughs).

But if you leave it alone, you will die, and if you do your best, you will die. After all, including that, I’m happy. So, even if you sing the same thing, if there is something new … Koji Miyamoto of Elephant Kashimashi is not doing a solo, but “Miyamoto, Doppo. And “ROMANCE”, by gaining a certain degree of citizenship, people around me have come to see Hiroji Miyamoto with that kind of eyes. Bandman Hiroji Miyamoto finally gave birth to solo Hiroji Miyamoto. At last, the theme that Hiroji Miyamoto sang repeatedly was exposed to the sun, and I was thinking about these three singles.

──When you provided “Kazeto Tomoni” to “Minna no Uta” with Elephant Kashimashi, it was a song that was similar to “Minna no Uta”. The requester also wanted the “passion” to be “Miyamoto-bushi” rather than “Minna no Uta”.

I said so. He said, “A song like’Gustronger’.” A song with such a strong message … I wanted you to affirm the people who listen to “Minna no Uta” in this kind of world. . . Eliminate all the negative things. It seems that the catharsis in the worries and conflicts that I pursued in my youth, the life is because of the conflicts … Elephant Kashimashi, like the early works, but after that, the goal of one person You can also say that you are living like this, pursuing your dreams, right? Speaking of pleasant / unpleasant, I think that no one goes out thinking “I want to spend the day with unpleasant feelings”. I think people want absolute pleasure. I made it with the idea that I would sing all that part straight.

──The requester said, “Because of this kind of world today.”

With these three songs, I have a pretty clean part. The relationship of trust with Mr. Kobayashi is also the same, and even at live performances, this member … Koji Miyamoto is not small, big Koji Miyamoto, and Koji Miyamoto who is pulling them. If you make a mistake, it will be one shot.

──Oh, you can eat it.

So I’m really looking forward to making sounds with them. On the other hand, when you see that your physical strength does not recover, you are using more energy than you think. It seems that I’m still tired of my body (* This interview is one week after the concert). It’s finally healed. Therefore, I have to do it with the feeling of rebuilding my body tough. Hiroji Miyamoto is the toughest in his career.

──Isn’t it the 11 songs on the stage of “JAPAN JAM”? Elephant Kashimashi’s one-man is doing about 30 songs without hesitation.

Yeah, that’s … you see, you used to play only 7 or 8 songs by Elephant Kashimashi, didn’t you?

──Yes, just after your debut.

It’s such a nuance that it uses as much energy as it did then.

── (laughs) Oh, I see.

That’s why it’s a little dangerous. I wonder if I can go on a tour with this? I say. I’m in that kind of trouble (laughs). I’m really looking forward to it.

Interview / text = Shinji Hyogo Photographed = Masakazu Yoshiba

Live information

Hiroji Miyamoto Inexhaustible
June 12 (Sat)
Tokyo / Tokyo Garden Theater
Opening 16:00 / Opening 17:30

release information

Released on June 16, 2021 (Wednesday)

recorded music
1. sha・la・la・la
2. passion

3. shining
4. sha ・ la ・ la ・ la (Instrumental)
5. passion (Instrumental)
6. shining (Instrumental)

First Press Limited Edition (CD + CD + PHOTOBOOK) UMCK-7124 / 5 ¥ 2,200 (tax included)
Regular Edition (CD only) UMCK-5701 ¥ 1,320 (tax included)

[First-run limited edition content]
● DISC2: Includes live sound source from “JAPAN JAM 2021” that appeared on May 5, 2021.
「Live from JAPAN JAM 2021」
1. Song of dawn
2. Foreigners
3. The end of sadness
4. Do you remember?
5. P.S. I love you
6. sha・la・la・la
7. Hallelujah
● PHOTO BOOK: A 20p document photobook containing live and backstage photos of “JAPAN JAM 2021” taken by Takayuki Okada.

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