Hiroyuki Miyasako’s yakiniku restaurant is “closed” before opening due to Hikaru’s rage … Hiroyuki says “Learn from Horiemon” | Smart FLASH[光文社週刊誌]

Founder of 2channelHiroyuki(Hiroyuki Nishimura) is a YouTuber on October 10th in a video on his YouTube channel.HikaruAnd the former “Ameagari Kesshitai”Hiroyuki MiyasakoTalked about the uproar of the jointly run yakiniku restaurant “Ushimiyagi”.

In February of this year, Miyasako asked Hikaru to “lend 100 million yen to fund the opening of a yakiniku restaurant,” and Hikaru easily agreed with the project.

The store was scheduled to open on October 1st, but Hikaru said in a video on September 28th, “Like this.Roasted meatIt’s impossible. ” After that, Miyasako, who was in charge of cooking, posted an apology video, citing problems such as the poor storage method of the cooking staff, and said, “I do not know if it can be opened.”

Many people think that this turmoil is “Yarase”, but Hiroyuki says, “That’s a big mistake, isn’t it?”

Then, Hiroyuki mentioned the restaurant “WAGYUMAFIA” produced by Takafumi Horie, who used to serialize in magazines from the story of meat, and pointed out that “it produces very good meat, but it is extremely expensive.”

Regarding the reason why WAGYUMAFIA can produce good meat, “If you grate strange meat to WAGYUMAFIA, the restaurant that is working with it will also say” I will not buy from you “. Moreover, when Mr. Horie starts, he selects wholesale. I was getting along well, “he said, revealing that he had a strong connection.

“We have started with a proper business model,” he said, saying that he should learn from Horiemon.

Various voices were written in the comment section of YouTube in Hiroyuki’s theory.

<< The story of the yakiniku restaurant was interesting >>
《Beef cattle is difficult, is n’t it?》
<< I will study every time. thank you"

“In this video, Hiroyuki said,’Hikaru probably could switch on some line,’ This project failed. If this happens, I think it’s better to make it interesting and increase the number of views. ”I praised that behavior as“ good at switching ”” (entertainment writer)

There is also a theory unique to Hiroyuki for restaurants.


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