his cell neighbor testifies and recounts his ordeal, “I no longer feel safe”

Pending the trial of the Brussels attacks, at the start of the school year, the terrorist Mohamed Abrini, is imprisoned in Andenne prison. “The man in the hat” from the Zaventem attacks arrived on July 12 and occupies a cell at “1er A”, in the “punished” wing.

At the beginning of the week, we explained to you in our columns that the terrorist had managed to break the isolation to which he was subjected and was talking with other detainees through the window of his cell, in particular “with two detainees labeled as being radicalized”.

We were contacted by a cell neighbor of Mohamed Abrini. According to him, the presence of the terrorist in front of his cell has very painful consequences.

Eric is incarcerated in the Andenne prison for a long time and the relative tranquility it enjoyed is now only a distant memory
: explanations.

► “I no longer feel safe”: the detaineewho now wishes to change cells, recounts his ordeal.

Mohamed Abrini is described as someone rather discreet and back: our information.

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