his confidences on the sad news which affects him

Mika in mourning: his confidences on the sad news that affects him

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Mika in mourning: his confidences on the sad news that affects him

The singer announced the death of his mother, who suffered from brain cancer.

Joannie Penniman, Mika’s mother, died of brain cancer, and Covid-19, which had further weakened her. The singer confided in the columns of the Parisian this Friday, February 5 on this subject. He recounts the strong bonds he had forged with her, and the role she played in his choice of career.

“I was expelled from school at 8 years old. My mother wanted me to find another discipline to flourish”, he recalls, adding that he had decided to move towards classical music. His mother then gave him interpretation lessons: “She made me read poems in Italian, German, Latin. All that four hours a day. I cried so hard it was.”

In December, Mika gave a concert at the Royal Opera of Versailles. A form of farewell to the one who gave birth to him: “All my family was present at this concert and even my mother who trained me, was there, in a wheelchair, he recounts. In a way I was doing this gig for her. She left shortly after … certainly proud of the one I had become, bequeathing me the same requirement for the future: never give in to ease, continue to explore new creative horizons “.

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