“His daughter is a few years older than me and his son a few years younger”

Bridget is 26 and is in a relationship with her former boss, Brooks, 52. If many people think that love has no age, unfortunately, it is not always easy to face criticism for the young woman.

The story of Brooks and Bridget began in 2020, we read in the columns of the Sun. “We both worked in the hospitality industry. I was a receptionist and he worked nights. He was then promoted to deputy general manager and I became reception manager, ”explains the American. The more time passed, the closer the two colleagues became, until the day Brooks confessed his feelings for Bridget. They quickly formalized their relationship, despite their 27-year gap.

On Bridget’s side, things went relatively well. Those around him have rather accepted the relationship. Whereas for the fifties, it was more complicated. His mother had a hard time digesting it. “I just think she really likes Brooks’ ex, the mother of her kids. That’s probably why she didn’t give me a chance,” says Bridget. “Brooks’ daughter is a few years older than me and her son is a few years younger than me. But I think they accepted it because they saw how happy their father was,” she adds.

And unsurprisingly, the couple are often the victims of derogatory remarks from others, especially on social media. But Bridget goes totally above criticism and even displays her couple on TikTok. “People say that I am manipulated or that I am a victim. Some people act like they really care about me. I am a grown woman capable of making my own choices. It makes me laugh when people say mean things because they just have no idea what they’re talking about. If they simply scrolled through my videos, they would see that we are like any other couple, ”laments the young woman.

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