his driver is held up in front of his hotel!

The French Montana driver was the victim of an armed robbery in front of the hotel where the rapper was staying in Manhattan.

Common currency in the United States, acts of violence continue to skyrocket around rappers. Proof of this is with a new serious incident, which this time concerns French Montana – and more precisely his driver. The scene took place this Sunday, June 13 in front of the Dream Hotel, an establishment located in Manhattan. As the victim, an 18-year-old man, stood not far from his car, around 5 a.m., 2 hooded men approached him before starting to hit him.. The driver, who wore a Richard Mille watch worth $ 300,000 and a Cuban gold chain of around $ 40,000, reportedly refused to get rid of his jewelry. One of the attackers would then have fired on the ground with a firearm, pushing the victim to give them all his valuables. The 2 men, who fled after the theft, are still on the run …

Dream Hotel, à Manhattan

A murder in front of this same hotel last week

This assault is the second criminal event to take place in front of the Dream Hotel in just a few days. Thursday, June 10, a man named Byron Morales was indeed shot dead at the entrance to the establishment, as part of a possible settling of scores, receiving several bullets in the chest. In other words, French Montana, which according to information from Page Six would currently stay at this hotel, may well choose to find a new place of residence. This Friday, June 11, he also unveiled the single FWMGAB, in which he stated: “My little chain costs more than your big chain”. So let’s hope for him that his jewelry does not suffer the same fate as those of his driver. More than 7 months after the release of CB5, fans are impatiently awaiting the release of a new project, on which we could potentially find this new song …

French Montana – FWMGAB:

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