“His fierce dogs crunched his body on his bed” … a dangerous death registered with a drug dose in Dakahlia

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As a result of a foul smell emanating from his apartment; Detective officers of the Senbellawein Center found in Dakahlia Today, Wednesday, on the dead body of a recorded recorder, his death was revealed due to drug abuse, and the dogs that he raised with him in the apartment severing his head and neck.

Receiving Major General Raafat Abdul-Baath, Director of Security DakahliaNotification from Major General Mustafa Kamal, Director of Investigation DakahliaAccording to a report issued by the head of the Sinbillawy police station, from some residents, a foul smell emanated from one of the apartments in the Ezbet Saqr area in Bandar al-Sinbillawy.

The investigation officers of the Sinbillawin Center moved to the place of the incident and by examining the presence of the corpse of “Amin Ahmed Muhammad Ali,” whose fame is “Amin Al-Tarbash,” 40 years old, a fisherman, registered a dangerous accident under No. 1812, category “B”, drugs, on his bedroom bed wearing his full clothes .

By inspecting the place, it was found that all the doors and windows were intact and that there was no distraction in the contents of the apartment, and next to it was found a small roll containing a substance similar to the substance of narcotic heroin and all its belongings, his mobile phone and his wallet, and 3 fierce dogs were found inside the apartment, and it was found that there were traces of blood on her mouth, and it was done. Reservation on it.

By examining the corpse, it was found that it was in a state of swelling and rotting by throwing, as it was found that dogs ravaged parts of his head and neck, and asked each of the deceased’s neighbors “Jamal”. G. A., 50 years old, laborer, and resident of Ezbet Saqr Bandar al-Sinbillawin, son of the deceased’s maternal aunt, Ibrahim. M. K. F », 40 years old, fish merchant, and resident of the fish market area, Bandar Al-Sinbillawin, confirmed that the deceased lived in the apartment alone and loved to raise dogs and had not seen him for three days. It was well known that he used narcotics and that they smelled an unpleasant smell emanating from inside the apartment, so they helped the people open the door and discovered his death They reported and did not accuse anyone of causing this or criminally suspecting his death.

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The Public Prosecution office was notified and the body was transferred to the morgue of Al-Senbellawein General Hospital and the necessary report was released on the incident.


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