“His friends” denounce the modus operandi and announce a response webinar.

The information fell like a hammer among the friends of Professor Amsatou Sow Sidibé. Reached by phone by Dakaractu, at the professor’s request, Ibou Faye denounced the triggering of the intended steamroller, he said, “ to humiliate an honest citizen Which served the Republic. He judges that in view of the career of the former minister adviser, “ we owe him to this woman in terms of legality “. He believes that she has always fought against injustice in Senegal.

« We must fight against this impunity which is decreed as a rule in Senegal “. He reveals that the professor had told the head of state the truth. This is what earned him his dismissal from the palace ”.

Like a taste of unfinished business, he announced a webinar press conference to defend the law professor. ” We are organizing to do a webinar press conference to clarify things without accusing anyone so that justice springs “. He also announces the establishment of a vast entity to fight against impunity.

« We alert and inform that we are going to constitute an entity which will bring together all the voice carriers to fight against impunity: from the United States so far, Guy Marius Sagna, Barthélemy Dias, Khalifa Sall, the presidents of the courts are ready to constitute an entity to denounce the impunity and the disorder established within the Republic. »

Coming back to the modus operandi of the Rector of Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar who ordered the professor to leave his office, Ibrahima Faye denounces the way in which his colleague is evicted. ” Even with a tenant, the law provides for advance notice. Now when it comes to someone, a citizen who served the Nation for 30 years, he deserved a more respectful fate based on the foundations of respect well back home ».

This is why he thinks that a system should be set up allowing the tenant of the official house to know the number of years, or even months, left to leave the official house. ” It is unacceptable that someone does what he wants and activates a lever to humiliate an honest citizen, while there are people who live in official housing of billions which have no use for the Nation no references », Regrets the university professor …


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