his sister had asked the State for help for his disappearance

“He threatened her that if she was not with him, she would not be with anyone”said the sister of the victim of the femicide that was recently met in Neuquén, in March of this year, to Line 148. It was when she requested that the disappearance of her sister be investigated, Cristina Gonzalez, after five months of not hearing from her.

The last time she was seen alive was after Mother’s Day. That Sunday, October 16, he shared the day with his six children: five from a previous partner and a young girl who is the result of the relationship he had with Mario Gerbán, 41, who turned out to be his attacker, according to the accusation made by the prosecution this Saturday.

Cristina, 39, was undergoing treatment at the Castro Rendón hospital to recover possession of that girl and missed the appointment in the Family court on October 31. Gerbán, who was also undergoing treatment along with his partner, continued going up to and including December and hid Cristina’s disappearance from the team, with whom he lived in a house in Colonia Nueva Esperanza.

“When he fought with his partner, he went to the street”said her mother to the police, who did not save details of the beatings to which her daughter was subjected. He was one of the last people to see her alive, on October 22, 2022, when he went to visit her at the house with Gerbán. He filed the complaint at the 20th police station, on November 29, to find his whereabouts.

In March of this year, his sister Hilda insisted on Line 148 to investigate whether he had not killed her, because despite his absences, he never stopped visiting or calling his children (who live with the father), and he did not communicate in December when two of them had their birthdays. He became a plaintiff in the case for Cristina’s femicide. The lawyer Manuela Castro will act on his behalf.

This Saturday at the hearing for the formulation of charges, the Judge of Guarantees Lucas Yancarelli gave the prosecutor María Eugenia Titanti four months to investigate and ordered Gerbán to be held in preventive detention for eight months. If the accusation for femicide is confirmed, he will have a life sentence.

The preventive will be fulfilled in an interior police station. It is that in the first circumscription there are 72 places for detainees and there are already 81 housed, according to the report of the metropolitan security division, said defender Rául Caferra.

The official requested that the accused remain at home, on the basis that there is no more place in Neuquén capital. “That a police station be found that is in good conditions: in Villa La Angostura, Zapala, Picún, El Chocón, that the police headquarters inform the places of detention (in police stations) of the province that are in accommodation conditions,” ordered the judge .

Due to the overpopulation of inmates in the Neuquén prisons, new admissions to prisons in the capital and the interior have been suspended since November and after each sentence, the defendants remain in police cells.

Christina’s body

The woman who provided the data on where Cristina González would be buried arrived at the 20th police station, on March 14, with one eye in compote. Her son, who revealed that his cousin Mario Gerban would have killed Cristina González and that the woman was buried on the plateau, he hit her.

Despite the assault, the aunt made the complaint. He said that his son had revealed to him that his cousin asked him for help to take Cristina’s body to the dump, after a ferocious beating.

With the information he provided, the police could not find the body. Only when the cousin was interviewed did they find the burial place: between 80 cm and 1 meter underground, wrapped in blankets and tied with ropes around his feet and head, in a dump area on the plateau.

Due to the time that had elapsed, the body was mummified and there were no remains that could confirm or reject the beating, although Cristina’s neck was broken and the autopsy determined that suffocation was the cause of death.

Garbán’s defense sought to annul the hearing to formulate charges based on the fact that the information provided by the relative placed him as an alleged accessory after the fact, and this would have been ignored by the prosecution.

The judge rejected the proposal and upheld the arguments of the prosecutor that the alleged perpetrator’s guarantees were not affected, that both the aunt and the cousin who provided the data to locate the body had been legally warned and collaborated equally, and that The prosecutor’s opportunity criterion allowed progress in finding the murdered woman.


*The prosecution estimated the death of Cristina González between October 18 and 25, 2022.

*On October 16, he shared Mother’s Day with their six children in the Z1, in their father’s house.

*On October 18, he withdrew money from family allowances from the ATM.

*From October 17 to 18, Gerbán called Cristina insistently.

*On October 22, her mother visited her; the woman was at the house in Colonia Nueva Esperanza, with Gerbán. Since then the phone has been inactive. The man’s calls to the victim’s cell phone stopped. The defendant made sporadic communications until December.

*The defendant lied to his relatives when he said that the last time he had seen her was before Mother’s Day. He assured who he was asking that he was in the center with another man, also that he had gone to Cutral Co with another couple.

*In October, Cristina did not attend the medical appointments at the Castro Rendón hospital, nor did she attend the hearing in the Family Court.

*On November 19, Cristina’s mother reported her disappearance at the 20th police station. There he found out that Gerbán had not made the complaint, as he had told him. He filed it later.

*The man continued to go to medical appointments (psychologists) in December and did not talk about the absence of his partner.

*On March 14, 2023, Gerbán’s aunt filed a complaint at police station 20.

*On March 16, they found Cristina’s body buried on the plateau, behind the Mercado Concentrador.

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