his wife and a friend returned to the assizes

The indictment chamber has just confirmed the decision of the council chamber: it is indeed before the Assize Court of Mons that the defendants of this assassination file which dates back to February 2020 are sent.

On Monday February 17, 2020, Annelies reported the disappearance of her husband, Luis Gonzales Roja, 34 years old: he left the marital home in Manage and no longer gave any sign of life. In fact, a few hours later, a boatman reported the presence of a vehicle in the canal, in Bois-d’Haine. The police and the divers then extract a Dacia Dokker van. Luis’ lifeless body is in the trunk. The unfortunate was shot down with 8 bullets.

The investigation is stalled for a few weeks before a search warrant which will allow the arrest and the indictment for the murder of Annelies Audain, the wife of the victim and of Didier Bauwens, one of his friends who would have helped her in her disastrous purpose. A story of infidelity would be at the origin of the drama. Both Annelies Audain and Didier Bauwens have always denied their involvement in the disappearance of Luis Gonzales Rojas.

Despite their denials, they are still detained today. And they will have to appear before the Assize Court of Mons, assisted by Me Régis Brocca for one and Me Fabian Lauvaux for the other. A trial that will have to be part of an already busy schedule…

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