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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Books – Bahaa Hijazi:

On February 18, 1914, the director, producer and actor Mahmoud Zulfikar, the descendant of the Zulfikar art family, was born. His brother, the director Ezzeddin Zulfiqar, and his other brother, the artist Salah Zulfiqar.

Mahmoud Zulfikar was born in the city of Tanta in the Gharbia Governorate, and received the guidance in 1930, then a diploma in architecture in 1935, and joined the position of an engineer in the Designs Department of the Ministry of Works, and after a while he submitted his resignation from the Ministry of Works and joined the Ministry of Endowments, and in the latter he met the director Hussein Fawzi, Who nominated him for the starring role against Aziza Amir in the movie “Sales of Apples” in 1939.

From this date, Mahmoud Zulfiqar’s artistic career began with a long journey with acting, writing, production and directing.

In this report, we monitor the stories of Zulfikar.

Zulfikar directed 50 of her films, the first of which was “Hadiya”, in 1947, and the last was “My Husband’s Woman”, in 1970.

Zulfikar composed 28 films, the first of which was “The Workshop” in 1940, and the last was “Men Only” in 1964.

– Besides Izz al-Din Zulfiqar and Salah Zulfiqar, he had two brothers outside the artistic community: Kamal, who was born after Izz al-Din and before Salah, and Mamdouh the younger brother after Salah.

– He participated in acting in 26 films, the first of which was “The Apple Sellers” in 1939, and the last “The Six Watching” in 1968.

Zulfikar has produced 7 films, including: “Professor Fatima, Ethics for Sale, Above the Clouds, and Gift”, among others.

Editor work in “Valley of the Stars” in 1943.

Zulfikar married the artist Aziza Amir, then he married Mariam Fakhreddin.

I love Maryam Fakhreddine, his daughter, Eman, who appeared in the role of the child Sawsan in the movie “Angel and Devil”.

– Mariam Fakhreddine said, in more than one television interview, that the artist Mahmoud Zulfiqar was mistreating her and had to flee from him more than once.

– The artist Mahmoud Zulfikar passed away from our world on May 22, 1970.

– Actress Mariam Fakhr El-Din said in an interview with the journalist Wael El-Ibrashy on the program “Ten in the evening,” that he takes all of her money, so she had to hide her money from him in a drink bag.



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