Hispanic Ministers New York carry out massive vaccination against Covid-19 in the Bronx

NEW YORK.- The Organization of Hispanic Ministers of New York, chaired by the Reverend Rubén Díaz, carried out a massive vaccination against Covid-19 in The Bronx on Wednesday, to help the different communities fight infections and deaths from the pandemic.

Hundreds of people, including Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, and Hondurans, among others, most of them over 65, acquired it, the Reverend Díaz himself being the first to receive it.

The event was held at the “Doctor: Urgent Medical Care” clinic, located at 538 E. Fordham Rd, run by the “SOMOS Community Care” entity, which unites almost 3,500 providers, including 1,400 attending physicians. primary school and 1,700 specialists, which is chaired by Dr. Ramón Tallaj.

The Hispanic Ministers have been carrying out activities to help protect the family from the deadly virus, which until this day at night in the Big Apple had 691,075 infected and 28,954 deaths, including thousands of Hispanics.

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