Historical absence: Pablo Motos leaves ‘El Hormiguero’

After fifteen years and 2261 programs, the surprise took over the audience when, at the end of the mythical tune of ‘El Hormiguero’, it was Nuria Roca who welcomed the staff. “Now I tell you everything,” the journalist started. «Pablo will not present the program today. He is perfectly fine, but he has been in direct contact with a positive person in Covid-19 and as a precaution we have sent him home “, explained the communicator who took the opportunity to justify his logical nerves:” He has left me this nice gift and not you know how I am with tachycardia ».

The presenter commented more calmly that she had come to the set “to do magic, but since what happened has happened …”, she said with a graceful shrug. The first thing he did when he got to the table was to lower the height of the chair because it was high. «The first five years we had a baby highchair»Trancas and Barrancas joked who were present all the time to give him a hand. “He has never failed and look that he has lived through complicated situations,” exclaimed Roca, referring to the fact that Motos has attended his appointment even when his mother died or after complicated operations.

Almost at the end of the space, Pablo Motos connected live to say hello and describe how he was. “IM perfectly. We were getting ready for the show and they called to tell me that they had been with a positive. But I’m more energetic than ever, what happens is that I scratch it right away, “he admitted. Throughout these months, his faithful have proven how meticulous and careful the showman is with the disease. «Just in case, I’m smelling things all the time, and I smell like a whore! “He commented jokingly. Motos revealed that the doctor from ‘El hormiguero’ had come to his house to do an antigen test that had been negative. “And we have had the PCR and tomorrow I will know if I am positive or not,” he clarified. “If it’s negative, I’ll be back tomorrow,” he announced. And the revelation made many on social media cry out loud. “As far as I know you have to be confined for ten days even if you give negative, what an example” or “Does Pablo Motos know that if the contact is positive he has to keep the quarantine anyway?” were some of the messages they sent him. Although they were not the only thing, the presenter said that they had sent him several chocolate coulants. “I said I liked them and right now I’m 35 in my house,” he discovered while congratulating Roca on his work: “The program has been sensational and I’m here having a great time and, at the same time, scared to death.”


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