Hit and killed a female college student 11 years ago… He shouted “My dad is Li Gang” and became the public enemy of the whole people.

11 years ago, he hit and killed a female college student. He shouted “My father is Li Gang” and became a public enemy of the whole people. (Picture / Retrieved from Weibo)

A car accident occurred 11 years ago at the new campus of Hebei University in mainland China. The victims, Chen Xiaofeng and Zhang Jingjing, were killed and injured. At that time, the perpetrator, Li Qiming, not only did not have any repentance, but also shouted at the people around him who intercepted him, “My father is Li Gang, you can sue me if you have the ability!” His arrogance was very arrogant. Soon after, Li Nan was arrested by relevant departments and sentenced to a fine of nearly 550,000 yuan and a fixed-term imprisonment of 6 years. Now the 33-year-old has been released from prison, and his recent situation has been exposed.

According to comprehensive Lu media reports, Li Qiming’s father, Li Gang, is the deputy director of the Baoding Public Security Bureau in Hebei. As a member of the establishment, the husband and wife have only one child, and they are usually busy with work, so they dote on Li Qiming very much. However, although Li Qiming’s parents were satisfied with the material life, they did not establish correct values ​​for their son, and cultivated his arrogant and domineering character. In addition, his father was the chief of public security, which made Li Qiming even more reckless.

In 2010, Li Qiming and his friends went to dinner outside the school and drank a lot of alcohol during the dinner. Unexpectedly, he drove drunk and drove Chen Xiaofeng and Zhang Jingjing flying after entering the campus more than 100 meters away. Among them, Chen Xiaofeng was severely hit on the head and fell into a coma on the spot, while Zhang Jingjing kept moaning on the side of the road. Upon seeing this, Li Qiming not only did not call for an ambulance, but also tried to flee the scene, and even shouted, “If you have the ability, go and sue me, my father is Li Gang.”

The police arrived at the scene and rescued the injured while conducting a blood test on Li Qiming. The results showed that the alcohol content in his body reached 151 mg/ml. The next day, news came from the hospital, “Zhang Jingjing has passed the dangerous period after the rescue, and Chen Xiaofeng died of a serious brain injury.” After the news was exposed, the outside world scolded Li Qiming’s behavior. “It’s Li Gang” also quickly became the most popular catchphrase.

After the trial, the court sentenced Li Qiming to 6 years in prison, and must compensate the deceased 460,000 yuan and the injured 91,000 yuan. After more than 10 years, Li Gang was already transferred from the Public Security Bureau, and his future was ruined. As for Li Qiming, he was released after serving his sentence 3 or 4 years ago. It is reported that although the 33-year-old Li Qiming has repented, his father is still unwilling to forgive him, and no unit or enterprise is willing to hire him. Life can be said to be very miserable.

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