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Game news Hitman 3: IO Interactive Says Hitman 2 Content Will Pay On PC

On January 20, Hitman 3 will be available on console, PC, Stadia and Switch via cloud gaming. While it will be possible to receive data from the previous two games (except on Switch), you will have to open your wallet in specific cases.

The transfer of the progress of the last two Hitman will be possible in Hitman 3 is possible, and IO Interactive details the procedure in a very long launch guide published on its official website. The process requires an IO Interactive account and will need to be done from a dedicated website, which will open by release. No need to try to do it in game, it will not be possible.

Moreover, all progress should be transferred from Hitman 2, including the one made from the Legacy Pack, which contains the destinations. Transfer will not be possible between platforms of the same family and can only be done once per support, and IO advises to start the process before launching the campaignHitman 3 because all progress will be reset.

Hitman 3: IO Interactive Says Hitman 2 Content Will Pay On PC

In regards to the cost of the operation will all depend on the situation. If we start with Hitman 3, we will need look at Access Passes (Standard and Gold) corresponding to Hitman 1 and 2. These are considered as DLC and you will have to pay to get them. If you already have previous games on a given platform, Hitman 3 will detect everything, and will offer to retrieve the content for free in the dedicated store. However, Hitman 2 is not available on the Epic Games Store, you must purchase one of the Access Passes sold (at a price for the moment unknown) with a 80% reduction during the 14 days after launch. A new situation, IO having previously announced that this content is free.

For Hitman 1, things are different:

The Hitman 1 GOTY Access Pass will be redeemable within the first 10 days of launch for anyone who purchases (or has pre-ordered) an edition of Hitman 3 from the Epic Games Store. If you pre-purchase or purchase Hitman 3 on the EGS within the first 10 days of launch, you will receive the Hitman 1 Access Pass at no additional cost. Additionally, if you own or use a free copy of Hitman 1, which was available for free this summer, you will be able to download this Access Pass anytime after purchasing Hitman 3.

A sudden change of plan that upsets many PC gamers, to whom IO had promised free access to Hitman 1 and 2 destinations. In this regard, the studio states:

We’ve done everything we can to make this process smooth and user-friendly. However, due to various circumstances beyond our control, we recognize that the process is different from our original plans for PC gamers.

In any case, we invite you to consult the FAQ to take stock of your case.

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