Hitman creators are working on a new James Bond game

Although many are hoping that IO Interactive will continue to provide information on Hitman 3, the reality is that today is news for something very different. The creators of Hitman are working on a new James Bond game, having been presented on social networks with great fanfare. And it is that agent 007 had not arrived with a game for a long time and many have the memory of that jewel that was Golden Eye and that Rare developed.

But it looks like we have a new game in the works and it’s going to be developed by IO Interactive. As anticipated yesterday, the study responsible for Hitman was going to present his new project today. To the surprise of many, or almost all, it is confirmed that the creators of Hitman are working on a new James Bond game.

With this teaser and an official website, this new game has been presented as Project 007. This is a provisional title that serves to publicize a project that is going to arouse great interest. In fact, little else is explained about what they have done, although they have wanted to give a small preview of the work plan that will take them in future months, or years.

As they explain, “Project 007 (working title) is a new James Bond video game to be developed and published by IO Interactive”, where will it count “With a totally original Bond story, players will step into the shoes of the world’s favorite secret agent to earn 00 status in the first James Bond origin story”. And for this, the study would be looking to recruit “Elite talents” from all over the world to join in this project. To do this, they have enabled a section dedicated to the job vacancies, to recruit those pieces they need to develop this game.


Hitman 3 will be updated for free for Xbox Series X.

At least, we can sense a great ambition of the study to bring something interesting related to this popular character. However, we did not find information regarding platforms or a possible launch window. It does not seem likely that we will have much information in the coming months, not at least, of what many hope to have in the form of gameplay. And it is that, we must remember again, that IO Interactive right now has the main objective of developing Hitman 3 for release next January 2021, including its enhanced version for Xbox Series X

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