Hoa Than uses the devil’s tricks to escape the danger of killing himself

Hoa Than, when he first entered the official school, received a valuable lesson on how to be an official. Just because he was greedy for profit, he was deceived by his own flatterers and bribers. Almost took the burden of killing himself.

This incident happened in the year 41 Qian Long (1776), starting from a private official (an official in charge of providing money and supplies) of the Household Ministry named An Minh. The Ministry of Households is an important agency, managing money, tax collection and food of the whole country. Therefore, holding the private ministry reaps many benefits.

Hoa Than, who just entered the official position, almost lost his life because of small greed (photo from Chinese TV series).

According to the regulations, to avoid embezzlement, the office of private office must be rotated every year. An Minh is too greedy and doesn’t want to be promoted. He paid a lot of bribes to stay in this position for many years.

The incident was discovered by the minister of the Ministry of Household. Immediately, An Minh was demoted to the position of secretary (secretary), so all the rituals were lost. At this time, Hoa Than was appointed by Qian Long to be the position of Ta Thi Lang Bo Ho (the deputy of the chief minister).

An Minh took advantage of Hoa Than to build a mansion, he bribed Hoa Than a lot. Hoa Than therefore let An Minh hold the same position as before. The minister knew that Hoa Than was favored by Qian Long, and did not dare to say anything.

At the end of 1776, An Minh had just been restored to his position when his father died. According to the system of the Qing Dynasty, when parents died, officials had to go home to mourn for 3 years. During those 3 years, he was not allowed to work as an official. An Minh because of greed hid this matter, did not report mourning.

Hoa Than used a trick of the devil to escape the danger of killing himself - Photo 2.

Hoa Than is a thorn in the eyes of many great gods (photo from Chinese TV series).

This deceit did not pass through the eyes of Vinh Quy, a historical official. Vinh Quy is a great god who is highly respected by Qianlong. The Thanh Su Cao records what Qian Long once said about him as follows:

“God has given me bright eyes to see life. Help me see Vinh Quy’s loyalty.”

Vinh Quy immediately denounced An Minh’s father’s death without reporting it. Committing the crime of great immorality. Unfilial piety is a very serious sin, one of the ten great sins of the feudal period. Hoa Than held the position of town hall, went to visit (surveillance) to cover, and let An Minh continue to hold a private position. If according to the accusation, Hoa Than will lose his head if he is heavy, and if he is light, he will be stripped of all his official positions.

In this case, Hoa Than was really overtaken by An Minh, hiding the fact that his father died. This was a fatal blow to Hoa Than. When he was a mandarin not long ago, his prestige and wings were not there.

Fortunately, Hoa Than had received a warning before that. He immediately devised a strategy of “preserving the car”, determined to eliminate An Minh first to avoid being punished. Hoa Than didn’t sleep all night, composing a piece of music that denounced An Minh’s crimes.

Hoa Than uses a trick of the devil to escape the danger of killing himself - Photo 3.

Even in a dangerous situation, Hoa Than cleverly escaped (photo from Chinese TV series).

The next day, when Vinh Quy had just denounced the crime, Hoa Than immediately presented his chapter. Qian Long originally favored Hoa Than, thinking that Hoa Than was actually deceived by An Minh. Hoa Than was forgiven, but was only downgraded 2 levels from 3rd grade to 5th grade. An Minh was not so lucky and was executed.

Another event occurred in the year 57 Qian Long (1793), at this time Hoa Than was already a military minister, concurrently holding many other important positions. His fins now tilted the court. However, there were still people who did not give in but dealt a painful blow to Hoa Than.

Cao Xibao has been a mandarin since the early years of the Qianlong Dynasty. He used to hold the position of cabinet secretary, military minister. In the 22nd year of Qianlong’s reign (1758), he took the exam again and passed his doctorate. Experiencing many different positions, he was finally appointed as the official Ngu Su. Cao Tich Bao has long had the will to overthrow Hoa Than.

Cao Tich Bao starts an attack from Hoa Than’s butler – Luu Toan. The name Luu Toan was only a small butler, but since Hoa Than was assigned to collect taxes at Sung Van Mon gate, he relied on the master’s position and embezzled a lot. In just a short time, Luu Toan built his own palace, the utensils, clothes, horses and carriages he used were all in the rank of great ministers and princes of the country.

Hoa Than uses a trick of the devil to escape the danger of killing himself - Photo 4.

Letting the butler abuse his power, Hoa Than was almost overthrown (photo from Chinese TV series).

Cao Xibao tries to collect evidence. After that, he accused Liu Quan of usurping power and exceeding his duty. Hoa Than was negligent, covering for corrupt and corrupt servants. If the crime is true, Luu Toan must be executed by guillotine, and Hoa Than must be removed from his position.

Unfortunately, just a little carelessly, Cao Xi Bao revealed this matter out. He sought to discuss denouncing Hoa Than with his compatriot Ngo Tinh Kham. Unexpectedly, Ngo Tinh Kham was a fellow party of Hoa Than.

Previously, Ngo Tinh Kham used to be Hoa Than’s teacher in Ham An Cung. Later, he again identified himself as a student, calling Hoa Than a teacher. This is also a very thrilling story about Hoa Than.

After Ngo Tinh Kham met Cao Tich Bao, he pretended to be sick. He rode alone day and night to tell Hoa Than. Hoa Than was at this time accompanying Qian Long on patrol, and was shocked to hear the news. He immediately called Liu Toan. Forcing him to destroy all the residences, burn all the vehicles, utensils … beyond the standards. Not a single trace is left.

Cao Tich Bao, of course, offered to expose Hoa Than’s crime. According to the Qing history, Qian Long went to the imperial court, writing:

“Luu Toan worked as a tax collector for his master (Hoa Than) at Sung Van Mon. Each year, there is a little extra allowance of its own, so it is only natural to have money to save.”

Hoa Than uses a trick of the devil to escape the danger of killing himself - Photo 5.

Qian Long has always been a solid supporter of Hoa Than (photo from Chinese TV series).

However, Qian Long still ordered the infantry commander Vuong Cam, assassinated the university scholar Luong Quoc Tri and Cao Tich Bao to inspect. Hoa Than had taken care of it well before, so there was no evidence left at the scene. Qian Long therefore suspected Cao Xi Bao of making up the story, scolding:

– Deliberately using family members as an excuse. Use meaningful words. Duong Dong fights west, do you think you can gain benefits by doing so?

Cao Tich Bao had no way to respond, only had to admit the mistake of false accusations. Qian Long says:

– I hold the power to rule, using people every day. Mistakes are not allowed. Cao Xibao used unfounded words and overturned the truth. Now widen the penalty, dismissal from office.

Cao Tich Bao lost his job, and later became ill and died. Hoa Than’s official career was in danger many times. These two incidents are just examples of his shrewdness and wisdom.

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