[HOAKS] Artist Uya Kuya Died


Based on Kompas.com’s verification so far, this information is not true.

KOMPAS.com – An information that says that artist Uya Kuya passed away, went viral on social media, Sunday (21/2/2021).

From search Kompas.com the information is untrue or hoax.

Circulating narrative

Information about artist and presenter Uya Kuya has gone viral on social media Facebook and messaging apps TikTok.

One of the uploaders is an account Facebook Ayuni Yuni Ariel.

“Alfatiha for uya kuya
— feeling sad.” he wrote.

He also attached a screenshot shared by someone named Affan Giyatsa Nur Fallah who said Uya Kuya had passed away who also shared the post from the TikTok account @khaidir_ismail.

Hoaks Uya Kuya diedFacebook screenshot Hoaks Uya Kuya died

Search Kompas.com

Based on search Kompas.com, the information which says that the artist Uya Kuya passed away is not true.

Account owner TikTok Khaidir Ismail is thought to have first uploaded the news of Uya Kuya’s death. However, the upload has been deleted.

He then gave the clarification that his previous upload was a hoax. This was after the upload was commented on by Uya Kuya’s wife.

“Assalamualaikum wr.wb, I apologize profusely for Astrid and Uya Kuya’s family, I really don’t know what really happened,” said the owner of the Khaidir Ismail account.


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