Hogwarts Legacy exit: ‘I took Wednesday off to play all night’

Sortie d’Hogwarts Legacy

“I took time off to play overnight”

The announcement of the video game inspired by the Harry Potter universe had aroused great enthusiasm, a trend that has been confirmed in recent months.


Julien was finally able to test the game “Hogwarts Legacy”.

20min/François Melillo

“I took Wednesday off. I risk playing late at night and I didn’t want to be frustrated with having to get up early.” This is the first time that Julien, 31, has taken a vacation to discover a new game. The practice is however known to gaming enthusiasts. This lab worker is a long-time Harry Potter fan. Rocked in his adolescence by the films of the saga, he impatiently awaited the launch of “Hogwarts Legacy”, the new video game of the license. The Vaudois even obtained a “Deluxe” version which allowed him to play it on Wednesday, in early access, when the game will be officially released on Friday.

It must be said that “Hogwarts Legacy” was long overdue. Originally scheduled for 2021, the launch of the game has been postponed twice. A delay which did not discourage Julien. “When I saw what had been planned, I said to myself that this game should not be missed. I bought it as soon as it was available for pre-order.”

While “Hogwarts Legacy” benefits from the popularity of the Harry Potter saga, the game also owes its early success to gameplay snippets that have been released piecemeal for more than two years. The promise of a more mature game than the previous ones in which players can roam freely makes it one of the most anticipated licenses of the year. More than a month before its release, “Hogwarts Legacy” was already among the best sellers on several video game platforms. What to expect, according to specialists in the field, a record launch.

The release of “Hogwarts Legacy” sparks controversy. For good reason, several positions deemed transphobic by JK Rowling, the author of Harry Potter. If the Briton did not contribute to the creation of the video game, as recalled by Avalanche, the publishing company at the base of the latter, the sales of “Hogwarts Legacy” will still bring him rights to ‘author. A situation that has prompted many followers of Harry Potter, especially within the LGBTQIA + community, to call for a boycott of the work.

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