Holidays abroad: travel agencies ask that a clear message be communicated to citizens

The Professional Union of Travel Agencies (UPAV) asks politicians on Friday, with the approach of the Christmas holidays, to “to communicate a clear message to the population about the possibilities of traveling peacefully”.

Particularly affected by the pandemic and the measures taken to curb the spread of the virus, the travel sector has been deploring for months what it considers to be the waltzes-hesitations of political leaders and the lack of clarity of measures, especially on the issue of color codes.

Today, it is on the question of winter sports vacations that a certain European cacophony is heard. “Since September 25, 2020, it is now possible for Belgians to travel, while taking into account the obligations imposed by the host countries. Tourist destinations and tourism stakeholders have been working hard for nine months to implement the protocol health necessary for the smooth running of these trips. (…) Traveling today has never been so well controlled and supervised “, argues in a press release the UPAV, while imploring the citizens “to respect barrier gestures”.

While the ski holidays are compromised in some European countries, and the vaccination seems to be the way to a return to a more or less normal situation, the UPAV “implores” the Belgian government “to clearly and quickly announce the logistics and the deadlines linked to the vaccination”.

The travel sector is finally asking for a position from Belgian politicians “about other types of tests before departure and upon return, to control the spread of the virus”, stressing that “our neighboring countries are already using these tests”.

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